thoughts on 2.0 TSI engine in Mk6 GTI

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Re: thoughts on 2.0 TSI engine in Mk6 GTI

Postby DaleR32 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:32 pm

I had a mk5 gti in 2011 for a couple years and loved it.great fun to drive and I never had any issues but only did about 20 k in 2 years.
bought the car on around 50k and took it up to 70k.

They do drink oil,seemed to be topping it up every couple months (castrol edge I think)

They do make a horrible ticking sound on idle, sounds louder obviously with the bonnet up.

Only ever ran it on super unleaded which is whats recommended on the filler flap

and I remember reading something about fuel pump cam issue fault.

overall I loved it and preferred it to my mk4 R32. I wouldn't be surprised to be behind the wheel of an edition 30 one day.
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Re: thoughts on 2.0 TSI engine in Mk6 GTI

Postby macmillions » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:35 pm

My Octavia vRS Mk2 TFSI was probably the best car I've owned (maybe my new Superb is superior, but it was fantastic nevertheless).

I did over 100k in it and it never let me down aside from the ABS pump failing. It sprung a warning light once, but a blast with an air line on a gauze cleaned it up and all was good again. I cannot recommend the TFSI enough. Plus they sound great. Lovely and gruff.

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