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Fuel vapour separator

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Fuel vapour separator

Postby Klunk72 » Tue May 01, 2018 10:11 pm

Here goes my first post! :confused:
Just thought i'd share my findings regarding replacement fuel vapour separators on the 1.6/1.8 carb models.
For no other reason, than to renew the separator apart from convincing myself that it could run better, i purchased the first replacement from ebay, which was a Topran branded one (couldn't find a genuine one anywhere). This one never even got fitted (refund given) as the fuel outlet pipe was too high and wouldn't fit under the air filter bracket. The second one was a Meyle branded one from VW Heritage which fitted ok, but upon trying to drive anywhere the car would splutter to a stall, which would repeat on every re-start. Lots of head scratching later and i spotted the old original one had a restrictor in the fuel return outlet. I mimicked this by placing a homemade restrictor with a 1.2mm hole (original restrictor size) in the short hose between the separator and the return blue plastic pipe. The car now ran ok so i didn't bother sending it back to Heritage. Weeks/months later i experienced a sudden lack of power after full acceleration in first and second gear and changing up to third for more. I then replaced the fuel pump with a pierburg branded one and then also renewed the little filter in the carb inlet pipe. After months of putting up with this and driving like miss daisy i tried swapping back to the original separator (tonight)
One road test later and the sudden power loss has disappeared!! :party!:
Has anyone else had a similar experience with replacement separators? :sorry, what?:
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