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Weber 32/34 - Stumbling/ bogging/ stalling when cold coming off idle

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Weber 32/34 - Stumbling/ bogging/ stalling when cold coming off idle

Postby Megaross » Thu Oct 24, 2019 10:34 am

So I've got the weber reasonably dialed in - when the engine is hot it pulls like a dream, secondaries are a little lazy but not annoyingly so.

Cold however, on or off the choke the car runs like dog shooter when you're coming off idle/ pulling away. It'll stall or come damn near to it until it starts to get some temperature in her.

Got the idle mix set at about 2 and 3/4 out and idle speed set at 1000rpm with load applied (autobox in gear) I set the idle up at 1000rpm on a hot engine for peak engine vaccum and smoothest running and richened a little to be safe.

It doesn't have the warm air feed or pierburg 2e2 preheater installed but the inlet manifold heater is working - no vaccum leaks to be found and the carb has just been cleaned/ rebuild (and runs a shedload better than before).

Not really sure where to go with it next, thought it could be a bit of carb icing but loads of people apparently run this setup without the heater or warm air pipe and it works fine for them. Never cuts out driving around either.

I've not verified fuel pressure but surely I'd see issues as the rpm increased/ throttle increased/ at speed if low fuel pressure was an issue here.

Any thoughts what I can check next? Can't seem to source the parts for the heater stuff so that seems like a dead end (don't even have the heat deflector on the manifold if I could source a pipe for the warm air feed).
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