1989 Golf GTI 8v

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phone: 07812895024

Classic Jade Green Golf Gti (1989) with Digifant injection and sunroof   reg: F159SHY

Owned since Oct 2000 (96,000) now almost completed 218,000 miles of trouble free motoring

Well maintained to Haynes service intervals for filters and fluids plus:

oil/filter changed every 6 months (silver synta 10/40)

Sparks changed annually

Over the years most wearing parts have been replaced with the exception of engine and


I usually got replacement parts to OEM standard and I’ve kept all the receipts as a record of the work.

It recently passed the MOT so now valid until Nov 2022

The emissions were well within limits (CO 0.87, HC 135)

Some advisories but no fails
All the electrics sound, any suspect relays have been replaced.
She drives well with the oomph and low down grunt of the 8 valve engine, got no cat so it has a nice exhaust burble, classic 80’s sound. You really can drive off in third! No power steering/air conto drain the power it all goes to the wheels.
 Plus an onboard computer giving mpg, av speed, oil temp. etc.. When I’ve checked with the actual mpg it matches up nicely giving 30+mpg round town and 40+ on long trips.
Most of the maintenance done by myself except for some big jobs such as clutch replacement.
It was my drive to work car for many years, holidays in UK and abroad, but now I’m retired it is used less and less so sadly time for it to move on.
Fred Hopper

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