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Engine & Gearbox / Engine cutting out
Hey guys

I’ve got a Mk2 8v with a Weber carb on it. Seems to run good for most of the time but it’s been getting itself in these weird cut outs ruts. No amount of choke or accelerator seems to fix it or lift it out of wanting to cut out. I basically just have to stop. Let it die and then restart as if nothing happened?

Can’t put a finger on it
Engine & Gearbox / Engine Dieseling
Hey guys

Every known and again my engine diesels and carry’s on running after I turn it off for a sputter or two. Any idea what this could be?

It’s also cutting out occasionally - it will not be able to rev past 2k and when you lift the gas it dies. Restarts fine but is a bit weird.

I just turned my mix out half a turn and seems to idle better (leaner?)
I.C.E & Electrical / Speedo woes
Hey guys

My Speedo doesn’t work. Any preliminary tests I should do? Common faults?

Engine & Gearbox / Brake pedal causes engine to bog
Hey guys

As the title suggest I have a weird issue where if I press the brake on my carb auto 1.8 during the Dow press it directly causes the idle to drop a bit. Once fully depressed idle rises again.

I’m thinking two things - electrical draw on alternator ?? Or vacuum leak on brake servo being exposed during the down press.

I’m guessing it’s not normal and it only drops by 100rpm but thought you lot might know!
Engine & Gearbox / Auto trans gaskets
Hey guys

Does anyone know where I might find part numbers for my automatic trans pan gasket and filter gasket?

Going to drain and refill with ATF today but should probably clean the filter at some point in future...
Interior, Upholstery & Trim / Badges!?
Best place to find replacement rear badges? Vw logo and golf.... surely not £40. Anyone know of a good replica source?
Wheels, Suspension & Steering / Complete Suspension Re-build/set up
Hey guys

My MK2 has some awfully low and stiff coil overs currently. I want to change them back to the stock set up.

I have nothing though as previous owner binned old ones, so I'm wondering what do I need to buy to make a complete suspension piece? So far I've got front and rear dampers, and springs. I don't know the vocab for all the other little bits like top hats etc

Engine & Gearbox / New heater blower very weak!
Hey guys

Hoping someone can help us. I’ve got a 1.8 mk2 auto and the fan fuse was blowing. So I replaced the fan and it now works but is just very weak? My resistor pack is clearly gone because setting 1-3 don’t work, but I don’t think that should effect setting 4?

Anyone else had it where the blower fan barely blows?

Have also check with thin paper and it is definitely  blowing not sucking air in.