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Mk2 Golf Chat / Facebook...
I have tried and tried , FB is just not for me, it’s more irritating than the Daily Mail...The good news is that by the sound of it standard Mk2s will be Scarcer than Escort Mexico’s soon...
General Chat / Had to share, made i larf
A man goes to a seafood restaurant and asks to see the live dishes of the day.
The Waiter leads him over to a large tank, and the man examines the fish.
"I'll have the little green squid - the one in the corner with the hairy lip, please" says the man.
"O.K." replies the Waiter and calls out "Gervais!!" A little French chef appears with a large knife, the Waiter instructs the chef to kill the little green squid with the hairy lip.
Gervais is just about to slice at the poor squid when he notices the sad look on its face.
Gervais is touched, and admits that he hasn't the heart to kill the squid.
"Not to worry" says the Waiter, and calls out "Hans!!" at which an enormous German bloke comes out of the kitchen.
"Sir", says the Waiter, "this is Hans, our dishwasher. Hans, kill that squid!"
The dishwasher catches the squid, and wielding a huge rolling pin is just about to bludgeon the little green fella with the hairy lip when it cringes back and gives a little cry.
"I am sorry sir, I just cannot kill the squid" Hans admits, his lower lip trembling.
"Well sir," says the Waiter, "it just goes to show. Hans that do dishes, can be soft as Gervais. With mild green, hairy lip squid."
Your Non Mk2 Cars or Bikes / I have arrived
Another addition to the fleet ,not the fastest, prettiest or pretty common actuallyst of machines, probably number something like  689,782,456 of the 100,000,000  built but it is a bit special.
Usually  seen carrying a large pig, a fridge five kids and a wife in a burka... those accessories will be later on but for now I have recently acquired a nearly 8hp F reg 1988 Honda C90(G) with 2397 miles ...
It’s been  in two collections in its life and I am beginning to think it should be in a museum (like me)
Stripping it down to clean it has been a pleasure , not a lot to do , engine alloy needs some tlc and elbow grease but when it’s done it will join the fleet as a sunny day potterer....
oh and registered within a month of the Mk2

Other Car Sales & Wanted / Honda C90
Please don’t choke on your cereals , I am Looking for a low mileage mint C90 for my collection and  shopping runs in the sun ... long shot but we all know someone who has one ....also looking forward to any comments ?
General Chat / A nice couple of days
Have a loner for a few days, supposed to keep my mind off of an impending bill.. Why do you mess around with that 32vt/R20 malarkey.. sell a kidney/child  and get one of these family wagons,... 2.9v6 440 bhp, shocks a few Qashqis..... poor old mum won’t ever be the same ... tomorrow I am going to find out what some of the buttons do..

General Chat / Recent posts
Just a thought , might the “recent posts” search be better in a more prominent place? Currently hidden in community so not a biggie... maybe “your posts” also?

I might be the only one who uses it though
Mk2 Golf Chat / Decision time ...
Another apocalyptic choice ...
So the crappy paper bar code thing on the drivers door  b pillar of Vinnie is now totally illegible and just a fluffy stuck on bit of paper... should I leave it. Remove it or get a copy done... Think a new shiny one will look wrong ?
Also anyone know  where can I get one made?
Your Non Mk2 Cars or Bikes / My beetle “S”
Had a good day out today, taxed it and used my COVID 19 mot extension...its ticking away nicely now ,  Mrs H wants me to sell it... not easy to think about on a sunny day .

General Chat / Blue square with a number one in it
Hiya, I have a blue square with a number 1 in it at the top left of the page... sometimes directly below the home button... can’t think of anyone who would want to give me one , anybody know what it means?
Your Non Mk2 Cars or Bikes / My Audi shopping cart .
Copied across from the old site ... sorry if it’s boring


Because I want to be Monkey when I grow up I recently sold my lovely old gold E30 shopping cart , might also have been something to do with Mrs H hating its brown velour interior... Had a TT a few years ago and loved it , it was a roadster and I always thought the tin top was prettier ...
so after a bit of research and a long search finally acquired a V6 coupe with a manual gearbox, heard so many nightmare stories about the dsg box I sought out the manual which took a while as only one in ten are manual

Its a 2004 3.2 in black with silver leather interior, I would have preferred black leather and intended to source a black interior but the silver has grown on me .

As it was after an initial jet wash to remove mould

For some time been thinking of putting the golf back onto its original dealer reg and plates, number swap Then after a few hours with lotions and creams...

Then a few days later went to a drive like a nob around a Costa evening and came away with a tripod wheeling johnny’s photo

Got my Dear old Mum knitted me a colour coated replacement for the beige number ....

Have Added an Oem drink holder and hens teeth coat hangers , not everyone’s cup of tea

Came out one morning and some angry trick or treaters had mat vinyl Matt wrapped it

Summer baby came out for a family shot, I am a spoilt brat sometimes

 ... previous comments mentioned the VW R32, thingy wouldn’t swap mine for one, don’t like blue golfs .

Such a pretty thing love looking at it, doesn’t sound too bad either, a pox upon those who kill them ( you know who you are)

That’s all up to date now I think

OEM / First geekiness
rubjonny wrote:
ok here are all the changes i have found so far:

85ish changes:
dual tip exhausts on GTI models
dual exhaust cutout on rear lower valance introduced
MK1 style side stripes dropped
side repeaters added
single washer tank/pump instead of separate bottles/pumps for front/rear

late 87 changes:
16v introduced
5 slat grill replaces old 7 slat grill
front 'GTI' & 'GTI 16v' grill badge font & clip design changed
left side rear 'VW' roundel & 'Volkswagen' badges removed, larger central 'VW' roundel with indent in panel introduced, right side 'Golf' badge font changed
single piece glass front doors replace 2 piece MK1 style doors, mirror moved to front of door
digifant injection replaces k-jet on 8v models
chunkier stalks introduced
wiper arms swapped to the other side on RHD models
chunky rubbing strips
bonnet & washer jets changed
better quality dash fitted to all models as standard?
steering wheel changed to single button

88-89 changes:
digifant engines now have a blue 2 pin push fit ECU coolant temp sender, earlier models have a white threaded 2 pin sender
large spline wheel column adaptors start being fitted
handbrake lever & mount bracket, cables & rear calipers changed
light switch changed to 11 pin
16vs got red/black tinted rear clusters, also on 8v '1 in 10 million' edition
256mm brakes on 16v
2 piece plastic timing belt cover

89-90 changes (90 spec):
almost all car loom changed
engine management loom hole on rain tray moved
front wings all have 2 holes for big bumper brackets
hazard switch moved to top of steering column
dash clocks now have 1 plug instead of 2
coolant level sensor control relay removed, now internal to clocks (except with Digifiz & early Jetta CE2 which had CE1 clocks, relay is moved to fusebox)
16vs got plain rubber injector lines instead of braided
thin rubbing strips, sill trims & front fogs on GTIs
big bumpers on GTIs & GLs
outer column housing
ignition lock housing
ignition switch
fusebox holder brackets
driver side dash under tray
fusebox cover
boot carpet made of foam instead of carpet
colour coded boot plinth on GTI
wiper spindles are thicker
header tank, lower hose, cap, level sender, level sender plug & mounting bracket
longer gearbox earth to a stud on engine->gearbox mounting bolt introduced
lower engine bay heat shield on 8v GTI models
sidelight holders have different plug
front indicators have different plug
horn loom has different plug
reverse switch has different plug

later 90 model improvements:
key in ign live for stereo
chunky plastic scuttle & ecu covers
side impact bars in doors
loom tape instead of thick plastic sheathing stuff
stainless sunroof deflector arms
and for those really geeky people, you know the ones clarkson moans about :lol:

MK2 production dates/chassis number spread
01.08.1983 - 19-E-300001 (why not 000001? germans eh :lol:)
31.07.1992 - 1G-N-300000

hard data on chassis number production dates for major shell changes:
31.07.1987 - 19-H-990000 - last month early doors were fitted
31.07.1988 - 19-JB200000/19-JW990000 - last month of typ19 production (JBxx means made in Brussels, JWxx means made in Wolfsburg)
01.08.1988 - 1G-KB000001/1G-KW000001 - first typ 1G chassis rolls off the production line
??.11.1988 - 1G-KB075001/1G-KW240001 - 256mm brakes fitted to 16v
??.12.1988 - 1G-K-400001 - CE2 electrics fitted to jetta
01.08.1989 - 1G-L-000001 - CE2 electrics fitted to golf

Note above, lesser known fact jettas got CE2 first, back in 1988! They also had CE1 clocks for a short while. Same time the Corrado was available for testing by the press

tony_ack wrote:
Put this together a while ago in the OEM section, mix this and Johnny's and you've probably got a decent list.

1983 - MK2 Golf introduced with C, CL and GL models available with 1.3, 1.6 and 1.8 carb engines
1984 (1) - MK2 Golf GTI introduced with K-jet mechanical injection 1.8 engine, p-slot alloy wheels as standard.
1984 (2) - GTI gets twin tailpipe exhaust and front spot lights
1985 (1) - GTI Side trims changed from MK1-style decals to stick-on rub strips, MK1 interiors dropped from GTI, black/grey and black/red strip interiors introduced, Lhasa green dropped from colour options
1985 (2) - Wing badges on all models changed for side repeaters, 1.3 gets transistored ignition system, all 1.6 and 1.8 models swap from solid to hydraulic lifters, GTI loses MPG indicator on clocks, new exhaust manifold/downpipe design for GTI, deep splitter introduced for GTI
1986 - 16v GTI introduced, 'Montreal' alloys introduced as standard on 16v, option on 8v, Mars red replaced by Tornado red, electric windows, electric mirrors and central locking added to option list
1987 - All models swap to single piece front window, mirrors moved forward, 7-slat grille replaced by 5-slat grille, rub strips widened (now clip on), all models get RHD wipers, boot washer bottle removed in favour of single washer bottle, GTI interiors replaced with 'Sportcheck' pattern, P-slots no longer standard on GTI, and dropped from options list, PAS introduced as an option, changes to 8v GTI fuel delivery system (k-jet to Digifant), changes to rear badge lettering, 16v gets 256mm front brakes, changes to handbrake design, GTI steering wheel design changed.
1988 - Campaign models introduced in Oak Green, Helios Blue, and Black Metallic, with 'Rainbow' interior trim
1989 - CE2 electronics introduced on all models, big bumpers for GTI and GL models, with thinner side trims and side skirts, GTI gets front fogs and central locking as standard, 16v gets PAS, smoked rear lights, 15" BBS RA alloys, Rainbow Interior and bee-sting aerial as standard, 16v inlet manifold changed from 42mm to 50mm, bigger airbox on 16v, 6-speaker sound system added to options list, G60 and Rallye models introduced in LHD only, Ryder model introduced, sportcheck interiors dropped from 8v GTI for 'Ultraviolet' interiors. Helios Blue and Jade Green dropped, Royal Blue, Calypso Blue, Calypso Green and Pearl Grey colour options added, Oak Green now an option on the GTI
1991 - 16v gets electric windows as standard, all models get side impact bars, Driver comes with choice of 1.8 carb engine, Bright Blue Metallic colour option introduced on 8v GTI, Rallye model dropped.
1992 - 8v GTI gets electric windows, rainbow interior, smoked rear lights and 15" BBS RAs as standard, different hornpush on all GTI models