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Members' Cars / Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
As title really. This is my Jade Green 16v 3dr project. It's going back to a bare shell and I'm hoping to order a rollover jig in the next few weeks. Once it's up on that it'll get pretty much every panel that you can buy welded in, plus a few body cuts from donor cars if I can get some decent ones. But, it'll be worth it, right?

The project came with two 2.0 engines. A 9A Corrado engine and a Mk3 ABF engine. I've got a couple of matching gearboxes also.

I've budgeted around 2 years and about £5k for the project. Both of those might be wildly conservative though.
New Members Say Hi! / Hello and happy new year
Hello. Picked up a 1988 3dr Jade Green 16v (project) late last year. Currently in the process of stripping it down as it has rot in all of the places that I'm sure you are all familiar with. It's my first really big project and my first Golf project so I will definitely need a lot of info from everyone over the next few years.

Plan is to restore it to almost standardish but maybe add a load of OEM+ upgrades.

If anyone is near Newcastle upon Tyne and fancies a brew while having a look around it just give me a shout.