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Engine & Gearbox / Re: Engine cutting out
It might have been that! I’ve reconnected the hot air feed now as PO had not plugged it into the vac lines. The throttle cable was also bent meaning the throttle plate struggled to stay properly closed and I think it caused some running issues. New cable now and it hasn’t happened since
New Members Say Hi! / Re: Mk2 automatic ignition timing
Hi guys. Im new to this group. I got myself a nice little golf mk2 2 door, ive always wanted one and the time has come. I need help on setting the ignition timing on it, only problem is its a automatic and I don’t know how to do it, Im use to a manual as you can see all the marks you need to on the flywheel. Where do I start?
Thanks in advance.

Hey mate I just did this yesterday. There is fly wheel markings you can see them in the bell housing of the gearbox. Two little holes, one hole has an arrow on it. I set mine in neutral gear, 2600rpm to about 17 degrees. Bentley manual says between 14-17 at 2600
Engine & Gearbox / Engine cutting out
Hey guys

I’ve got a Mk2 8v with a Weber carb on it. Seems to run good for most of the time but it’s been getting itself in these weird cut outs ruts. No amount of choke or accelerator seems to fix it or lift it out of wanting to cut out. I basically just have to stop. Let it die and then restart as if nothing happened?

Can’t put a finger on it
Engine & Gearbox / Re: Engine Dieseling

Interesting read. I think my issue was most likely the high idle. I retarded my timing a little because it was running at about 20 degrees at 2600rpm which is a little advanced I believe. I took it down to about 17. My carb is also needing some tlc. It’s leaking fuel when throttle is placed so I’m sure that doesn’t help either.
Engine & Gearbox / Re: Engine Dieseling
Anyone know anything about the Weber 32/34 supposed to have a fuel solenoid to prevent this engine run off?
I.C.E & Electrical / Re: Speedo woes
It’s mechanical, cable driven so there’s not much to go wrong.

First question: has the instrument cluster been removed anytime recently? The Speedo cable sometimes doesn’t click back in to place properly and can pop off.

So there’s a drive in the gearbox. Which can drop off into the gearbox if you’re not careful when removing the speedo cable.

There’s the cable itself

and there’s the Speedo unit.

The Speedo unit doesn’t usually fail, but the cogs can wear and prevent the mileage counter form counting on. But in that instance Speedo still works.

Well I’ve just found that my Speedo cable had snapped. Quite bizzare really not sure how that happened. I guess I’ll have to be a new cable. I unclipped it from the dash cluster and then removed it from gearbox and a chunk of the cable inside just fell out

What is this drive you talking about and how would I know if it’s dropped into gearbox?
Engine & Gearbox / Engine Dieseling
Hey guys

Every known and again my engine diesels and carry’s on running after I turn it off for a sputter or two. Any idea what this could be?

It’s also cutting out occasionally - it will not be able to rev past 2k and when you lift the gas it dies. Restarts fine but is a bit weird.

I just turned my mix out half a turn and seems to idle better (leaner?)
I.C.E & Electrical / Speedo woes
Hey guys

My Speedo doesn’t work. Any preliminary tests I should do? Common faults?

Engine & Gearbox / Re: New heater blower very weak!
Had a crack at it today! Both panels had no foam on them at all! Replaced both with some thick heat/sound proof foam, worked a treat

Thanks for the advice. Only thing I noticed was the demister vents are no where near as powerful as the face/body vents when selected. Any thoughts ?