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Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
Just got to admire the fact you are doing such massive repairs. I don't think many would be prepared to tackle it.


I bought the car as a long-term project. I definitely don't yet have the skills required to complete it, but learning them was the aim of this whole thing. I had a Mk2 Golf as my first car and I think this will be (one of) the last petrol engined cars I'll ever buy. It doesn't matter if it takes me a year or five years to finish it, the fun for me is in the escapism that the project gives me.
Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
I've been playing around knocking some patches up to repair the inside of the windscreen lower surround. There are 3 or 4 panels that meet here and I'll need to patch every panel before shaping them and welding them together then welding the new scuttle panel over the top.

That's a decent start. More cutting, welding and grinding to go though.
Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
New panel arrived from Heritage. They are mega fast at shipping.

Dropped it on the car, early signs are good. It doesn't look a million miles away. Needs a bit of grinding/bashing (plus of course a hole drilling for the wiper spline (they ship as LHD and need converting to RHD)) but nothing serious.

Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
The beauty of working from home means I can sometimes spend my lunchtimes working on the Golf.

This lunchtime I cut another piece of the lower screen surround out. I knew it was going to be rotten behind it and sure enough, it was! The pictures do the talking but after 20 minutes with some power tools I found some shiny bits. A bit of fiddling around with some 1mm steel sheet and I've got the start of a little repair patch. A bit more fiddling with that and I'll have some about right to weld in.

Once this piece is in I can move into the corner and repair that. There's about 3 or 4 panels that meet here so it'll be done in little sections rather than a massive repair piece.

I've got a lower screen repair panel on it's way from Heritage too so not fussed about trying to stitch weld that piece back in.
Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
If anyone has some clear pictures of the scuttle showing the hole the accelerator passes through and the hole for the heater fan air intake it would be much appreciated. Looking to remake those pieces myself.
Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
Lower screen surround and scuttle need a few repairs.

Interior has been stripped out a bit more. I already knew about the drivers floorpan hole (you can put your hand through it from the outside!)

I've got the Klokkerholm repair panel ready to go in here once it's all mounted up on the rollover jig and I get it cut out and cleaned up.

My tidy garage didn't stay tidy for long! I need to tidy my tools up and get a load of stuff moved to my storage unit!
Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
I'm in Covid jail until Thursday so I might have time to get all that chassis leg and inner wing cleaned up and prepped ready to be welded. I bought a new finger sander which is proving to be ideal for spot weld grinding.

My initial plan was to get the front chassis legs repaired ready to order up a rollover jig. Still on with removing all the bolt on panels. Got the bonnet and drivers door to go. Turns out I've pushed the car too far over towards the wall to get the drivers door open far enough to get access to the hinges. Might need to do some moving later. Should manage it with a trolley jack or my engine hoist.
Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
With the looms, servo and hard fuel lines removed from the bulkhead it meant I could get busy removing the chassis leg closing plate that needs replacing.

I need to get all that cleaned up and rust treated ready to start welding the new panels in place.
Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
Had a few hours on the car over the last couple of days.

Got the looms and wiring removed, boxed up and labelled.

The fuel tank and hard lines removed

Members' Cars / Re: Jade Green 3dr 16v Project
Some random pictures.

The start of the strip down.

9A engine

ABF engine

Started to strip some parts off it before putting it on an engine stand for storage.