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Door Striker Pins...

Small thing but my originals were letting the side down. The metal I could clean but the plastic sleeve was badly grooved and couldn't be tidied up.

Was dubious of the various replacements you see, specially as they're a ridiculously cheap price for a new pair, posted.

Took a punt on some Topran ones for no other reason than I wanted the silver finish as opposed to a yellow zinc or white sleeve of others.

Got to say very pleasantly surprised, good quality and the highly coloured yellow sleeve of the images is actually much more toned down in real life plus super hard, not just regular plastic that would probably score again quite quickly.

Down side was the Topran circular plate and plastic washer behind it were about half the diameter of the original, but if like me yours were salvageable no big deal swapping them over. Having said that there was nothing wrong with theirs, would do the job just as well.

Door closes with a significantly nicer action too, which is the whole point I suppose!

Re: Door Striker Pins...

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Ah, I've only ever seen these sold as 5 door pins. I've never seen 3 door ones available new. The only difference I could see was the backing washing on the 5 door was half the size. I wasn't sure if that was interchangable, or if there was any difference in the thread size/length.

You've now confirmed everything I've wondered, so if I ever need to replace them I know I can get them new even if they are marked as 5 door. Good work!


Re: Door Striker Pins...

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That's answered something for me too then.

7Zap does distinguish between 3 and 5 door with separate part numbers and one seller even high lighted theirs were for 5 door only.

Another seller was the exact opposite and stressed they were for 3 door only, despite both having the same Topran number. Turned out to be the ones I wanted too so that's why I settled for them.

Clearly then they are 5 door despite what they said because of the smaller plate, but the pin itself must do both.

You had me doubting myself and have checked the original pin with the new but they're identical.