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Hello from Lancaster Insurance!

Hi All,

I'm Paris from Lancaster Insurance. I'm really pleased to be working with the club and its members.

Lancaster can offer up to 25% discount for club members and can arrange a whole range of policy extras that you'd expect such as agreed value. I'd like to think we take a realistic view when it comes to modifications so do give us a try. All feedback, good or bad, will help us to develop the scheme going forward.

If you do try us for a quote please use the bespoke telephone number 01480 400927 and let us know that the introduction has come from the club.

I'll stick my head round the door every now and again and pick up any queries that crop up. If you'd like for me to arrange a call-back for a quote then I’m happy to sort it - you can either PM me or I can be contacted by email at

Look out for competition offers coming up shortly. I'll post these up as soon as they're finalised.

Re: Hello from Lancaster Insurance!

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Thanks @Paris@LancasterInsurance great to see you on board :)