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Brentacre Insurance Club discount

When you contact you must state that you are a member of the Club.  ps/ just waiting for contact details

We would be able to offer members a 15% discount off their premium.

Just to give you a rundown of what we are able to offer:

Comprehensive/TPFT/ Laid-up cover available
Acceptance criteria – age 19-75
All drivers must have been driving for a minimum of 12 months
Limited mileage policies available
Agreed value available
Salvage retention available
Free legal cover
Free key cover (on most policies)
All modifications considered. Our policies are designed to cover stock vehicles right up to pro-street, and everything in between. All declared modifications are covered on a like for like basis and vehicles are insured for modified market value or agreed value when arranged. Premiums are based on power  - more BHP = more premium. Additional modifications that don’t increase power are covered free of charge so there are no hidden mid-term charges to worry about with additional changes made.
35 years’ experience covering classic and modified vehicles
We use UK based insurers only. Claims are dealt with in the UK only.
National Meet - 22-24 July 2022 @ Curborough Sprint Circuit