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One in 10 Million - Special Edition

Thanks to EddyPeck for his input here.

The Limited edition campaign model, launched in the spring of 1988 to celebrate the production of 10 million VW Golfs.

16500 were made in total, with 8000 staying in Germany and the rest went for export. This is not speculation, this is the actual figure from Volkswagen heritage department in Germany.

That puts 8500 outside of Germany.

The spec varied across the different markets with many non UK cars being different colours and carbed models not GTIs.
These all had a One in Ten Million sticker on the body.

All of the UK ones were all GTIs and were available in a choice of only 3 metallic colours, and did not have the sticker or any other way to distinguish them other than the specification. Of the UK ones it's estimated there were less than a 1000 of each colour available. Even VW don't have specific figures, I've asked. All they know is which were allocated for export, they don't have it recorded where they went.

There were 3 and 5 door variants, and 8v and 16v engine choices, so if for example this was an equal split (which I'm sure it wasn't) then there was potentially only ever 250 in each combination.

All had metalic paint in the following colours:

Helios Blue (LA5Y), Metallic Black or Oak Green.

They were all produced in early 1988 available during the spring so should mostly be on E registrations. It would be possible to be on an F reg if it sat in the dealership for a few months before being sold. Pictured below is an F reg Oak Green, but these are from a Google image search and not a car I know so I cannot confirm it's authenticity.

They are all small bumper GTIs (were all originally small bumper - as correct for the year)

And all left the factory with the following spec:

  • Le castellet Forged alloy wheels (14").
  • Air Vacuum Central Locking.
  • Rainbow interior, but on early spec seats. (49)
  • Tinted Glass.
  • Hella half tint rear lights.
  • Dark tinted interior light with time delay.

The 8v came with Blaupunkt London stereo, the 16v got the Blaupunkt Atlanta (Euro spec, unconfirmed for UK cars as I still belive UK cars were shipped without stereos and stereos were fitted by the dealership. Most likely to avoid theft during the shipping process)

And all had a special document wallet.

That's not to say at time of purchase a customer may not have ordered some additions, such as a leather interior, leather steering wheel or even different alloys. Other specification like electric windows and power steering for example may have also been added extras, but these would have been the customers choice, not specific to the One in Ten Million model.

The document wallet

A rather nice example on 4 Star Classics

A European Non-GTI model (with some mods)

The Sticker on Non UK cars, there's one on the front wings and another on the rear panel.

Oak Green

Metallic Black