Should have expected nothing less but why??

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Should have expected nothing less but why??

Postby Damien.wrl » Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:23 pm

Just had my existing customer renewal form Lancaster... last year £90 , renewal £110.... made up of premium £61 plus £49 arrangement fee??
Checked on line £89 with Lancaster .... indefensible really
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Re: Should have expected nothing less but why??

Postby eddypeck » Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:44 pm

Typical insurance :twisted:

I had my bike insurance, (not with Lancaster, just saying they're all crooks) £80, because it was so cheap I added the legal for £20 which I don't usually bother with.

Changed bike about 5 months in, got a quote for new bike, was almost £400 yes it's a higher risk bike but... (quotes of £150 elsewhere)

So no choice but to cancel but hit with a £50 cancellation fee, there wasn't enough refund due back to cover it so I owe them £25 to leave.

And the £20 legal cover, although a completely separate policy and nothing to do with the vehicle is non-transferable so just money thrown away.

So cost me £145 for 5 months cover on an £80 policy. .... I know maths wasn't my strong point but none of that adds up.

I've had nothing but trouble with ANY and EVERY insurance company recently, they're all getting worse and as it's a legal requirement there's nothing we can do about - which they know about and fully take advantage of!

Where are the honest companies? Insurance is legalised criminality! _RANT OVER :frustration:
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