1984 1.3 Golf CL, Fuel/Carb Issue... Please Help

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1984 1.3 Golf CL, Fuel/Carb Issue... Please Help

Postby k5rlx » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:36 pm

Small problem hopefully will be an easy fix.

Driving home about 2 weeks ago, about 1/2 a mile from my house the revs died off and the car cut out I managed to get it started again and limped it home. When I got on the drive I left the car running and I could smell fuel really strongly so lifted the bonnet and found fuel leaking from the mechanical fuel pump from this hole.


At this point I stoped the car removed the pump, I ordered a replacement pump and filter and when it arrived I fitted them. I turned the car over a few time and it fired up straight away. I left the car running for around 5 mins and it cut out. When I looked inside the carb it had flooded.

Fitted with a WEBER 32/34 DMTL


I left it over night to dry out, I assumed (this where I think I went wrong :oops: ) that with the old pump on its way out and failing, so the new pump was more powerful and flooding the carb so I adjusted the float then it failed to start I removed the fuel line from the carb and the pump was now not drawing fuel.

I purchased another pump and fitted it, this is pumping the fuel however this is not going into the carb. I have stripped the carb and checked for blocked jets but still no joy. I think I have F**ked something up, when messing around with the float but then again im not really sure it really has me puzzled. :frustration:

Please can someone help me out. If you need more info or pictures please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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