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Brakes - Do them right and even save money!

Have got quite a few nuts, bolts and fasteners from this lot - Westfield Fasteners

If you use 7Zap or similar there's usually enough info. to identify the spec. of VW's own bolts.

Westfield don't have them all but do have quite a few and worth checking before you splash out on some from the usual suspects.

Case in point - rear stub axle to beam bolts / washers.

Remember these aren't just any old bolts and washers - the bolts needs to be 10.9 tensile strength and the washer the coned type (acts as a locking mechanism)

No. 3 - 321 501 119 A - Belleville Spring Washer - 8 needed @ £1.66 (each) elsewhere

Westfield - £3.02 (for all eight)

No. 4 - N  90877301 - M10x32 Hex Bolt - 8 needed @ £13.98 for a full set elsewhere (and as much again in postage)

Westfield - £4.38 (for all eight)

Westfields are 35mm long and 17mm hex head as opposed to VW's 15mm, but as you can see they fit perfectly with plenty of room on the face and because of the void behind makes no difference there either.