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General Chat / Re: VAGCOM / OBD reader
Last post by Monkey -
If it's a modern (post 95) car, the immobiliser will let it start, then kill it after about 2 seconds.
If it's not cranking at all, could well be the ignition switch.
But check all the earths around the battery and connection to the engine, make sure nothing is loose.

As for OBD readers, I have a cheap, bluetooth based one that connects to my phone.
I keep that in the car for on the fly diagnostics and have VAG COM on the laptop at home for in depth.
The basic ones are good for giving codes and pointing you in the right direction.
For the price, you can't really go wrong.
General Chat / Re: VAGCOM / OBD reader
Last post by AndyBa -
It's a 2011 1.6TDI ex British Gas. It came without a battery (yup complete madness I know because that could hide all manner of issues) tried my normal MK2 Golf battery on it. Lights on the dash with the battery light flickering. The battery isolator has been bypassed. I'll get the correct battery because it has stop start, but expected it to at least crank over.
But my original query was about the usefulness of bargain OBD readers on VAG cars.
I'm wondering if it is an imobilisor issue.
General Chat / VAGCOM / OBD reader
Last post by AndyBa -
Can someone recommend a basic fault code reader?
I don't know too much about OBD/VAGCOM. Is an OBD reader a generic fault code reader where VAGCOM gives the additional abilty to amend how some of the functions work?
I've bought a Caddy which "might" be a bargain but it isn't cranking. I'll probably take it to a local garage but wondered if there was any advantage in having an OBD reader?
I was looking at the ones sold by ECP / Machine Mart circa £40. Are they worth it?
Members' Cars / Re: Cope's GTI
Last post by MJA -
I have a Corrado (or 2 for now) and the steering wheel adjustment is rubbish - it just moves from 45 degrees, to 90 degreees and down to whatever the opposite of 45 degrees is. I exaggerate but I would like it between the first two. The adjustment also wears out, becomes a MOT failure and people change for a fixed column. Not recommended haha.

Mk2 Golf Chat / Re: Different editions
Last post by Eddypeck -
Thanks for sharing, that's very interesting and looking at the side line profile it looks like it's decals specifically made for a Mk2 Golf and not generic universal stickers. Although looking at how it's degraded I'm still not 100% sure it's a factory applied decal so I'm still thinking maybe it was dealer applied.

 I keep finding sources of different editions, I recently found a Plus Ultra model that has Gold VW badges. So I'll let you know if I ever manage to uncover anymore info about this.