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New Members Say Hi! / Re: Data sticker
Last post by scs -
The data sticker should be copied into the service book. New stickers are available look up L190 on here as I think he has the information. Welcome to the site and good luck with the restoration.
New Members Say Hi! / Data sticker
Last post by zeema -
Hey there, new to the forum.

Just bought a Mk2 8V that I intend to do a bare metal restoration on, I am after some information before I start pulling it apart.

The data sticker has been removed at some point and I need to get all the information from it, where can I find this please? VW said they can't get it as the car is too old for the system, the car has been painted a different colour, it was originally green, but not sure if jade green or calypso green, car is a 90 chassis number but built late 89 and registered Jan 90.

Can anyone tell me where i can get all the data sticker info and even a new sticker as well so I can eventually refit it when it is done?

Many thanks, Chris.