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Wheels, Suspension & Steering / Re: Shock Absorbers
Last post by AndyBa -
I've just changed mine to Eibach springs and Bilstein shocks all round. They are firm but don't seem as bad as the Koni top adjustable I have in storage.
I'd say quality gas shocks are worth the investment.

Before I changed mine I had some NOS 16v front shocks and Boge rear Boge.
The latter always seemed a bit bouncy.
Wheels, Suspension & Steering / Re: Installed the first axle bush...
Last post by MJA -
Did the job yesterady, sharing for anyone reading considering what to do!

The brackets I installed first without the beam. I spent ages making sure the 3 holes in each were lined up centrally to the holes on the bracket. These were done to 85NM.

I then lifted the beam up into place and threaded through the bolt to nut. Once it is back on the ground I will torque it. I tigthened the bolt with spanners to take the slack (tightened more than pictured). This bolt will be done to 60NM when ready.

There is this 12 degree stuff but I have decided to tighen the bolt when the car is on the ground as then the bush will be set at "rest" in the position of the axle on my car which will be lowered by approx 30mm.

I haven't yet decided what colour to go for in the arch liner area. Either green or I will go for a black. First though the car will be having some arch lips welded and probable some inner arch repairs so am leaving it for now. Unfortantely there is an 18 mth wait at the fabricator so this car will be a long project.
Technical / Brake lines and flexis around regulator - layout Q
Last post by MJA -

I can't quite remember what connects through the brackets my fingers are touching - I think the one on the regulator bracket has a flexi to the beam from the hard line as laid out. I can't remember what goes through the bracket that is welded the chassis leg?!

Engine & Gearbox / Re: Mk 2 1.6 Driver Fuel Problem?
Last post by PWardy -
Did the garage test the mechanical pump?  Jar of fuel into an empty jar.  If the fuel flows it's not the pump.

That said perhaps there is something in it if the electric pump has fixed your running problem.  But why is it so noisy?  Again I'd test it sucking from a jar but delivering to the engine.  If it gets acceptably quiet then there is some problem other than the pump just being noisy.  I would get rid of the foam and not put a screw through the floor pan.  Ideally you need a mounting plate with rubber feet for the pump.

Edit are the pump electrical connectors sealed?  If not it will not last long.
Engine & Gearbox / Re: Mk 2 1.6 Driver Fuel Problem?
Last post by Martin109 -
New Developments:
The 1.6 Driver has a mechanical fuel pump, where an eccentic cam in the engine actuates the arm of the pump.  My trusty garage (Rosewood in Slough) have come up with a suggestion; their theory is that over 33 years successive fuel pumps have become less effective as the cam has worn, exacerbated by each pump gradually getting less efficient as it ages.  This is their explanation as to why my swapping out the latest fuel pump for a new one hasn’t quite sorted out the longstanding fuel starvation problem the car’s been having (and I mean for years!).  Their solution: fit an electric fuel pump.  As you see, they have fitted the electric fuel pump under the offside rear seat floorpan.  It works, and the carb seems quite happy with it.

The only problem is that it makes a noise.  As you see from the picture, they’ve only secured one side of the bracket, and loosely fitted an ordinary sponge in an attempt to deaden the noise!! :-\  Here are a couple of mp3s, demonstrating the noise outside the car (NB the engine is of course running in the background, but the main noise is the pump!) and inside the car

I’m wondering whether I could refit the pump with a piece of sound-deadening foam between it and the floorpan, with appropriate length self-tapping screws?  Maybe something cut down from this?  Would it be OK to screw into the floorpan?
General Chat / Showcase National meet trader
Last post by vw-widow -
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