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Members' Cars / Re: 1992 Alpine White GTI 8v...
Last post by L90E -
The additional clock I put into the dash surround detailed in an earlier post uses the VDO Marine gauge surround, as GTIEngineering seem to have also done originally.

They're not that easy to find these days, probably a discontinued line by now.

Occasionally you'll see them on non-UK sites, not overly expensive but postage is usually prohibitive.

This sellers in the UK... cheap, look to be old stock and limited supply if you're after one to do it yourself.

New Members Say Hi! / Re: Head
Last post by Monkey -
Welcome along Allan.

Get a photo up of what you're on about and I'm sure we can help.

There are two different types of 8v made throughout the mk2 run (k-jet and digi), this might be a reason.