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Members' Cars / Re: 1984 GTI
Last post by lawrence -
She’s looking lovely Nick.

It won’t be a surprise to you Nick but I definitely miss YGK!

Hope all good pal.
Technical / Re: Rev counter issues
Last post by mintysgt -
while late night googling, i came a cross a post, im yet to look at mine, but they stated there indiacators, wasnt working of the stork. turned out to be a blown fuse, so with your ideas, got a few things to work with now
Members' Cars / 1984 GTI
Last post by Sharknose -
A few recent pictures of my early GTI, after what has felt like a very long hibernation.
The car was built in May 1984 and is the launch specification, with a few differences to GTIs built later in 1984.

I have also uploaded some images of the mechanical refresh carried out by the previous owner, over a period of 4 years.
This may be of interest to someone restoring an early MK2 GTI to original spec.

I will be at a few VW shows this year, including the National Meet, which is always the highlight for me!
Technical / Re: Rev counter issues
Last post by Monkey -
No worries mate.

Ohh, while I've not had a CE1 with that issue, I have had a CE2.
It was after a stalk swap, I can't remember if the stalk was faulty or if the connector wasn't pushed in all the way.
Either way, I'd start there, have the connectors in and out and see if that changes anything.