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Mk2 Golf Chat / Re: MK3 Aircon into MK2 anyone got a guide?
Last post by AndyBa -
You won't be surprised to hear I didn't get much done at the weekend. Staining a 40+" picket fence interfered with progress and the thing isn't finished yet...wish I hadn't started it  ;)
Tonight I got the exhaust on (replaced my Jetex for a standard looking stainless jobbie) and had to file the bumper mount holes to fit the towbar..a few mm too narrow. It's a brand new one made by Autohak with a removable tow ball. I'm disappointed it didn't fit perfectly! Thinking Tim's idea to buy a bumper already fitted with a towbar might have been a better idea!
I also set to releasing the ignition barrel since I need to replace that too!
Other Problems / Re: Heater box foam replacement
Last post by EJYT -
Hi administrators. This thread has photos partially obscured by Photobucket logos. I'd be grateful if you can please fix it so that I can use it to refurb my heater please?
I think you said if I told you where they still occurred then you can fix it.  Thanks so much.   E
Engine & Gearbox / running oil pressure up before starting after rebuild
Last post by EJYT -
I have rebuilt my 1.8 16v after a minimum rebore and head skim/guides etc..
Ive used loads of assembly lube, but I'm thinking of spinning it up without plugs to get the oil pressurised and distributed before I start it. 
It doesnt have an oil pressure gauge, so how do I know when it is up to  a decent pressure?  Do I a) wait for the tappets to stop clattering? That might take ages. Do I b) buy something to show me the oil pressure on a t-piece from the oil filter sensor (hey - another tool!), or do I c) just spin and wait for the light to go out.

If just relying on the Oil press. light, d)  how do I test it (and the sensor) work properly before I start, please? And e) how many batteries is all this likely to use before Im ready to stick plugs in and fire it up?

And f) should I wear a funny outfit and film it for 'youve been framed' to at least get the £250 back if it flies all to pieces?!

Thanks in advance.
Chris Knott Insurance / Re: Car Insurance Offer
Last post by ChrisKnottIns -
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New Members Say Hi! / Re: Mk 2 16v restoration
Last post by pfnsht -
Gosh Phil that is some welding to do. But all achieveable and even more so if you can do it yourself.

Eddie instead of using google photos (i use that for my normal photos but it doesn't allow you to embed pics on forums) i use this for forums.

You load photos on there and then it creates a link you can copy and paste like the below (pick BBCode Full or Medium)

[ url=][/url ]

I've added spaces so hopefully it doesn't show a picture.

edit - oh well it has added a picture I think you get me!
New Members Say Hi! / Re: Hi everybody
Last post by Damien.wrl -
Hello and welcome... patience is the best approach , don’t jump at the first one you find....... always a good one coming up soon