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1990 1.6 CL AUTO 65k mileage £4,250

It's only done 65,000 miles!

Power Steering, Central Locking including fuel cap, Factory Sunroof, Matching Michelin Tyres. In the 4 years I've owned it, it has been utterly reliable, never let me down. I've been through the car mechanically (my 4th Mk2 Golf) and it's A1. Heater Works as does the blower fan. New wheel bearings in the rear, those are the only things that came up on the last MOT as an advisory. New radiator, water system is now A1, no leaks. Doesn't burn oil, I check the dipstick on occasion but the level never moves. This is due to its early life, it was only driven 1000 per year for the first 20 years, so the engine was perfectly run in. I have all the MOTs from new to prove this. Have a folder of all receipts too. The first owner also put the tyre spec sticker in the boot so you know it's always had Michelins. Dent Wizard came out and went over it when I bought it, it's not perfect and has a few dings, but from a distance you wouldn't notice. Could do with a clay going over it and a wax, not really my thing - prefer the mechanical side. Pierburg 2E2 has been refurbished during my ownership by Coln Engineering. Options sticker is still in the boot. Grey interior is perfect, much nicer than the blue interiors in my opinion. Oh, I took the cloth off the headliner as it was sagging. I'd probably Raptor spray the headliner now if I was keeping it. Easy job to remove the headliner, takes about 40 minutes. Bought one of those FISCHER Centre Console Cassette Tape Holders as it still had its original stereo/ tape player. It's been a very cheap car to run, parts are very reasonably priced from VW Heritage. Always garaged. It receives very positive attention, so be prepared to answer questions about it.
RG8 (M4 J12)

X2B = National sales program Great Britain
C0B = Steel wheels 5.5J x 13 surface style
G0D = 3-speed automatic transmission
H2G = Tyres 175/70 R13
J0C = Battery 220 A (45 Ah)
K8G = Hatchback
L0R = Right-hand drive vehicle
M3V = 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.6 L/55 kW base engine is T2L (EZ type)
U0K = Instrument insert with clock & mph speedometer
V0G = Michelin tyres
0A2 = 4 doors
0ND = Nameplate CL
1AF = Power brake
1C1 = Antifreeze up to -25 degree Celsius tolerance up to -30 degree C
1G2 = Steel spare wheel with original equipment tires
1H1 = Load-sensitive proportioning valve
1ME = Steering wheel
2JB = Standard bumpers
3AU = Right exterior mirror: aspherical, adjustable from inside
3BD = Left exterior mirror: adjustable from inside, convex
3D1 = Centre console
Q1A = Standard front seats
3L2 = Manual height adjustment for right front seat
3U1 = Foldable trunk cover
3YB = Door pockets, front
8D4 = 4 speakers (passive)