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Option Codes

Thanks to EddyPeck for his input here.

I know there’s various resources and tools available for these but I thought I’d create my own list and gather all I can together in one place.

001 -
003 -
020 - MPH Speedometer
085 - Increase of the standard equipment fuel delivery
0A1 - Two doors
0A2 - Four doors
0AA - Without front stabilizer
0B0 - Wheelbase
0BA - Without rear stabilizer
0C0 - Standard
0DC - Installation differentiation for build status of vehicle class A2 (VW Golf/ Jetta), unit components
0G1 - Gearshift lever
0KA - Without stickers and badges
0MA - Without label for starting an automatic
0N1 - Standard rear axle
0NB - Nameplate set in base trim
0ND - Nameplate set "TDI"
0NH - Nameplate set "GTI"
0PF -   Nameplate set "Sports"
0Q0 - Without label for brake-proportioning values
0W2 - Label for central electric English-speaking countries
0Y1 - Standard climatic zones
184 - three-point seat belt for seat, front
197 - 45 Amp Battery
1AB - Power brake
1AC - Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
1AF - Power brake
1AH - Power brake + rear discs
1BA - Standard suspension/shock absorption
1C1 - Antifreeze up to -25 degree celsius tolerance up to -30 degree C
1D0 - Without trailer hitch
1E0 - Without activated charcoal canister
1EE - Special identification plate
1F1 - One towing eye each side, front and rear
1G2 - Steel spare wheel with original equipment tires
1G4 - Space-saving spare wheel, same size (same rolling circumference) as original equipment tires
1G6 - Space-saving spare wheel
1H0 - Without proportioning valve
1H1 - Load-sensitive proportioning valve
1HG - Labels for country group 4/B
1K1 - Mechanical clutch actuation
1KA - Drum brakes, rear
1LA - Disc brakes, front
1M8 - Trailer hitch mechanically swiveling and electrically detachable (with bicycle carrier) (?)
1MA - Steering wheel
1MB - Sports steering wheel Non-PAS (hollow rim)
1ME - Sport steering wheel PAS, 370mm
1MG - Leather trimmed sports steering wheel with reduced diameter for power steering (hollow rim)
1N0 - Standard steering
1N1 - Power steering
1NB - Covers for wheel hubs/wheel bolts?
1NE - Wheel center cover
1SA - Without additional front underbody guard
1TB - Fuel tank vent line with gravity valve and PVC breather hose
1V0 - Without duty-free and cost-free tires
1W0 - Without refrigerator/glove compartment cooling system
1WA - Transmission shafts w/ 90 mm in diameter
1X0 - Front wheel drive
1Z2 - Increase in initial standard fuel filling
23D -
258 - Adjustible head restraint for front seat
261 - Exterior mirror (flat) (passenger side)
268 - Heated washer jet spray nozzle
2B0 - Without additional exterior noise suppression
2C0 - Standard steering column
2G0 - Without insert for the filling up of fuel
2J1 - Impact bar in doors
2JB - Standard bumpers
2JD - Sports bumpers (GTI red stripe Small Bumper)
2JE - Partially painted bumpers
2M0 - Without water trap
2P0 - Without trunk sill protection
2V0 - Fresh air intake without air cleaner
35D - 
3AF - Outer right rear view mirror: convex, powered, heated
3AU - Right exterior mirror: aspherical, adjustable from inside
3AV - Outer right rear view mirror: non-spherical, powered, heated
3B0 - Without additional child seat anchor
3BE - Outer left rear view mirror: flat, powered, heated
3BD - Left exterior mirror: adjustable from inside, convex
3BF - Outer left rear view mirror: convex, powered, heated
3C0 - Without center rear seat belts
3CA - Without partition
3D1 - Center console
3D3 - Center console
3D4 - Center console
3FB - Steel sliding roof, manual control
3GA - Without cargo area
3H0 - Without backrest release for front seats
3J1 - Height-adjustable headrests for front seats
3L1 - Manual height adjustment for left front seat
3L2 - Manual height adjustment for right front seat
3KZ - left and right sports front seat type 2
3M0 - Without special measures
3MA - Flat needle-punched floor covering
3NB - Rear seat bench/backrest, not split
3NC - Rear seat bench/backrest, split folding
3P1 - Bracket for first aid kit and warning triangle
3Q0 - Without rear headrests
3QC - 3-point seat belts, front
3U1 - Foldable trunk cover
3XA - Without top carriers for luggage rack system
3YB - Door pockets, front
3ZA - Without outer rear seat belts
403 - Steel rim, 6Jx14H2 ET38 - Golf GTI/Jetta GT
409 - Sports Seats
476 - Spare wheel with driving tire (fullsize)
4A0 - Without seat heater
4B1 - Protective side molding
4F0 - Mechanical locking system
4GD - Clear glass windshield
4GF - Tint glass windshield
4KA - Side and rear windows in clear glass
4KC - Side and rear windows in tint glass
4N1 - Padded dashboard
4Q0 - No flame retardent materials
4R0 - Mechanical window regulator
4SB - Vanity mirror left
4TA - Without right vanity mirror
4W0 - Without cassette and CD storage unit
4XA - Without pillar lining
4Z4 - Glove compartment door without light
560 - Steel sliding roof, manual control
565 - Sport steering wheel
52k -
5C0 - Without special body measures
5CH - Roof interior trim, comfort molded headlining in cab and passenger compart.
5J0 - Without rear spoiler
5J1 - Rear Spolier for tailgate/boot lid
5K1 - Paint preservative (wax)
5L1 - Front spoiler
5TA - Tamo wood trim
5UA - Without cross panel
5VA - Without cargo area front
643 - Tray position in the doors (door bins)
656 - Front seat with height adjustment, driver side
69A - 
6CA - Without rear heating/ventilation duct
6EA - Without additional side body covers (stone guard)
6FA - Components without special surface appearance
6HA - Without sticker/body cover
6JC - Black door handle inlay
6KA - Radiator grille
6N0 - Without mud flaps
6NA - Unsplit molding roof liner
6NW - Unsplit molding roof liner
6PA - Plastic hand brake lever handle
6Q1 - Plastic gearshift knob/handle
6R3 - Rubber gearshift boot
6R3 - Rubber gearshift boot
6SD - Tufted trunk floor covering (dimensionally stable)
6U0 - Without additional seals outside
6Y0 - Without cruise control warning system
731 -
776 - Without trim strip
791 -
8A0 - Park distance control, front and rear with rear view camera
8AA - Without radio
8BF - Halogen headlight for driving on the left
8BK - Twin headlight for driving on the left, with integrated high beam
8C0 - Without front fog light circuit
8CA - Speedometer cable without seal
8D4 - 4 speakers (passive)
8D7 - 6 speakers (passive)
8E2 - Local interference suppression for FM/AMradio reception
8F2 - Side turn signal lights
8GC - Alternator 65A
8J1 - Hand brake/low brake fluid level warning light without inscription
8K2 - Daytime driving light mode for urban driving (dim-dip driving lights)
8KA - W/o catalytic converter warning light
8L1 - Bright rod antenna
8M1 - Rear window wiper and washer system with intermittent control
8N1 - Windshield wiper intermittent control
8NA - Without parking light warning light
8Q0 - Without headlight-range adjustment
8QA - Key without LED
8R0 - Without center high-mounted stop light
8SA - Taillight assemblies, standard design
8T0 - Without cruise control system (CCS)
8TD - Rear fog light for driving on the left
8U0 - Without additional instruments for distance measurement
8V1 - Cigarette lighter
8WA - Without front fog light
8WD - With front fog light
8X0 - Without headlight washer system
8Y0 - Single-tone horn
930 - Inside adjustable exterior mirrors
931 - Plane front-passenger outside mirror, inside adjustable
9AA - Manually controlled heating system
9BA - W/o additional electric safety package
9D0 - Without preparation for two-way radio installation
9E0 - Without trunk lighting
9F0 - Without sound combination for rotating emergency light and radio antenna preparation
9GA - Interior light with door pillar switches
9HA - Without additional malfunction display
9J0 - Without supertone system and tone sequence control
9P0 - Without seat belt reminder
9PA - Standard windshield wiper arms/blades
9Q0 - Without multi-function display/ on-board computer
9T1 - Heated washer nozzles, front
A60 -
A8D - Luxury equipment
B0N - Component parts set, complying with vehicle type for Great Britain, various parts
BS2 - Special requirements French overseas territories
C0B - Steel wheels 5.5J x 13 surface style
C0U - Aluminium rim, 6Jx14H2 ET38
C1K - Steel wheels 5J x 13
C1N - Steel wheels 6J x 14
E0A - No special edition
F0A - No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
G0B - 5-speed manual transmission (long ratio for China)
G0C - 5-speed manual transmission
G0D - 3-speed automatic transmission
G0G - 5-speed manual transmission (GTI box)
H52 - Tires 185/60 R15 84T (black)
H0G - Tires 185/60 R14 H
H0U - Tires 195/50 R 15 V
HG1 - All-weather tires 195/65 R15 91T
J0A - Battery 175 A (36 Ah)
J0C - Battery 220 A (45 Ah)
J0G - Battery 265 A (54 Ah)
K8G - Hatchback
L0L - Left-hand drive vehicle
L0R - Right-hand drive vehicle
M3P - 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.3 L/40 kW (carburetor 2E3) base engine is T3H
M3V - 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.6 L/55 kW base engine is T2L
M3X - 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.8 L/82 kW DIGIFANT base engine is T3E
M4Y - 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.8 L/118 kW G60, big intercooler, closed-loop cat base engine is T3R
NG9   -
N1R - Leather seat covering
Q1A - Standard front seats
Q1B - Standard front seats (NAR)
Q1D - Sports front seats
U0C - Instrument insert with tachometer clock and km/h speedometer
U0K - Instrument insert with clock mph speedometer
U0L - Instrument insert with tachometer clock and mph speedometer
V0A - Tires w/o specification of tire brand
V0G - MICHELIN tires
VW3 -
WE3 -
X0A - National sales program Germany
X2B - National sales program Great Britain

This is one to keep a watch on as I add more.

It will in time become harder to decode the options S as the online tools refer to vag listings but views are being repurposed, so what was once a door mirror for a mk2 might now come up as an 18” space saver from an Audi A6!dim-dip driving lights