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Suspension springs...

Suspension's off the car and unfortunatey it all needs replacing with the notible exception of the springs.

They're virtually like new (though definitely the originals) so I've no plans to replace them.

That's partly because of cost saving but also because I'm sticking to standard spec. replacements for everything else, plus when the car was on it's wheels last it sits perfectly - I don't want to lower it, nor have less compressed 'new' ones raise it up any either.

Question is  - they're presumably stong bits of kit but safety matters - am I wise if they're now 30 odd years old? 

Re: Suspension springs...

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Personally I would replace them, had so many issues with broken springs across a spread of VW's that if I was doing anything on suspension the springs are the first thing to replace.

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They're the only original things that are probably remaining as far as the suspension goes... picking bits up cheap'ish by shopping around but even so it's already getting expensive!

Even money were no object, I don't want the car sitting either lower or higher than it was before, looked perfect to me and how I remember GTI's sat

The concern is if even I went for standard 'new' springs they may leave it looking like it's on tip-toes because they'll take however long to compress a little.

Measured the old ones this PM - good news is the corresponding lefts and rights are identical in height, so none of them have sagged unevenly.

Fronts weigh in at 325mm each and rears 335mm each... That's them decompressed / off the car remember, would be keen to know what the factory length was to see if there's much difference through years of use.

Those figures seem at odds with some of the common lengths for new 'standard' Bilsteins and some lesser known names. Don't seem to be 'standard' Eibachs... I'm only starting to look about so maybe haven't picked things up correctly yet.


Re: Suspension springs...

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Head's pickled trying to decipher all the different numbers - if I could find out the correct factory front and rear lengths to work back from it'd make the different makers claims to 'lower by 'XX' mm' meaningful.

My front springs have a single orange mark - confirmed on 7Zap as equating to 191 1411 105R (PB without air con.)

The rear springs have a singe green dab - I can't find a reference to that yet so exact part number also currently unknown.

Piccy below is of one of my front springs -

MUB apparently refers to 'Mubea', a spring manufacturer with a bit of a history, including with VW -

Maybe a coincidence or perhaps 1914 R is a reference to the 191 part number mentioned above.

So if you've ever heard of them, it looks like Mubea are (one of) the MK2 OE spring suppliers.