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Original Power Steering Pump Manufacturer?

Took mine off today and fully expected to see markings from one of the usual suspects such as Bosch but nothing easily discernible.

Part numbers etc. are clearly visible so it's not hidden and like everything else on the car I'm pretty confident it's original to it.

Anyone know for a fact who the main suppliers were... there's an amazing selection of aftermarket ones currently available specially considering it's not a regular service item.

Failing that any personal experience recommendations as to brands if I do go elsewhere, don't want to be doing it again anytime soon just because something turned out to be less than reliable.

Re: Original Power Steering Pump Manufacturer?

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I'm gonna guess maybe Valeo but unsure, I see Tierod does a Meyle one for under a ton, 2 yr warranty.

Re: Original Power Steering Pump Manufacturer?

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Found an old stock MK3 one 028 145 157 at a sensible price

The MK2 is 027 145 157

From what I've read they are interchangable insofar as the actual outer casing is the same and the MK3 will bolt to a MK2 without any issues.

However, If I've understood correctly there is a problem in that if you use your existing MK2 pulley it'll sit in the wrong place (15mm out has been mentioned) however I've also read this can be overcome by using the MK3 pulley?

Anyone familiar with this swop? If it did work I could possibly get the NOS MK3 pump and a new MK3 pulley for around half the price of a cheap copy.

Re: Original Power Steering Pump Manufacturer?

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Just swapped my MK2 PAS pump for a MK3 for the very reason that the spindle is longer hence the pulley is offset to account for the extra width of the ribbed belt.
I'm insta─║ling aircon so converting to MK3 pulleys ie ribbed for alternator and compressor. V for waterpump and PAS.
I'll see if there are any manufacturer ids on the MK2 pump.
Is there something wrong with your existing one?
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Re: Original Power Steering Pump Manufacturer?

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Car has been sat in excess of 12 years with me and I don't believe it did much mileage for a long time before my ownership either.

I've the whole front end stripped back at the moment and have found all the ancilliaries are probably the originals.

With nothing in the way it's turning out to be pretty easy to work on the different bits, I'd image that'd not be the case with the front all back on so want to sort any issues out now while I can.

The waterpump for example was completely gummed up and while I've no way of checking the PAS pump internals there's the slightest noise when rotating it plus it's not 100% freely rotating now that it's off the car... though that may normal, I've nothing to compare to.

Thought I'd lucked out and could cheaply exchange like for like using MK3 bits... I've been checking out images on-line this morning and the MK3 pump does seem to be just a MK2 one but as you say the centers of the pulleys are sited at different points on the shaft. It's not the actual 'V' wheel that's the issue, they may even be the same on both cars also, it's that 3 x threaded hole collar they attach to which is pressed onto the spindle that differs and makes changing them around impossible (for me at least).

A few original MK3 pumps are out there, no so many MK2's though, at sensible money anyway.

I've gone for a TRW one, brand seems to get a good press and they're remanufactured originals not modern day versions, so shouldn't be any fitment issues.

I found with the 205 alot of the non-OE manufacturer items weren't always the same as the one being replaced, sometimes dramatically different despite what the catalogues stated and sellers claimed.

Wasted quite a bit of time (and more importantly money) getting things sorted on that car so lesson learned, and explains the fixation with original part numbers to help ensure I get the right thing.

Re: Original Power Steering Pump Manufacturer?

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Just had a look and no branding on my MK2 PAS pump. I did get mine second hand because part of the mount had sheared off the original.
1991 Tornado Red BB 8v GTI Moredoor
2008 Skoda Octy Scout aka dirty diesel

Re: Original Power Steering Pump Manufacturer?

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Thanks for looking... found an image of a MK3 one that appears physically identical to the MK2 casing and it had an original VW sticker on the base that included the name 'Delphi', so at least one possible maker.

The TRW pump is looking less likely now, can't find a UK seller. Any one stocking them is European based and wants the original back. Core costs are way too high just to write off and regardless of that the added cost of return postage alone makes it too expensive.

Likely have to take the Meyle one, they seem to get varied reviews as a brand and I've no personal experience of them but some of the others (read that as cheaper) are even more of an unknown.

Autodoc (them again, becoming the place to go!) were doing the Meyle for the same price as Tierod, even with postage but as it was in my basket for a day or two they've knocked another few quid off to tempt me... seems to be a tactic with them and worth trying if you're in no rush for something, has happened a couple of times now. 


Re: Original Power Steering Pump Manufacturer?

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Pretty sure, after some more digging that the original pump was made by Lauber...  it may just be coincidence but their part number is 55.5157 and the VW's is 027 145 157.

Before I found this out I'd gone ahead and ordered the Meyle mentioned above - it finally arrived (Autodoc) two days ago.

With discounts the difference in price made the Meyle almost twice as cheap as the OE version.

Thankfully I'm not overly concerned as I've been very impressed by the Meyles quality... the top notch materials, casting and machining make the originals cast iron appearance look very crude (but probably also indestructable) by comparison.