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2014 The Macmillions' National Meet Pics. Very pic heavy

Standard, me refitting Hollie's bumper...

Matt from Trackslag Exhausts performing the Wilkinson pose!

Chris and Shell looking puzzled...

Sam polishing Jet... for a change!

Awesome pic of Stu's Georgie

Stu and lady friend (apologies, can't remember her name!)

Me and a massively sunburnt Tommcc pmsl!

Mrs Mac (now Boss Mac - thanks Monkey...) and Tommcc

Mrs Mac and g60go (Bobby)

Camp it up Sam!

Party tent!

Just a small fire then.

Show day. Spot of rain!

The lunchbreak project

More Door GL's VW Vortex wheels. Never noticed that they have a VW pattern!

The concourse mk2. 219 miles on the clock!

OEM Jetta GT with factory bodykit

Vincent's sills cleaner than the exterior of most cars out there!

Awesome hat.


Our pathetic, tiny, leaky tent on the right. Which also broke when we went to put it away.  :hmm:

Trackslag exhaust stand

Griff collecting his prize for best daily

Zach winning best non-gti

Me winning best GTI for Hollie  :brian:

Bobby winning best G60/Rallye

Jasmine winning best other VAG

The Braintree crew winning 4 out of 8 awards!

Me in the show winner.  :attention:

Poor Gumpert failing to win again.  :'(

Seperated at birth?

The show winners

That's all folks!

Really great day and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend as a whole. Even the weather on Sunday failed to dampen spirits. Top marks to Chris and Shell for organising another brilliant weekend, also to Tim for the bbq and Danny for arranging the DJ.

Feel free to use pics as you please.  :thumbs:
National Meet - 19-21 July 2024 @ Curborough Sprint Circuit