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Uploading pictures to the site

So after discussions about this.  It appears if we let members use the forum database to upload photos, it will shallow the bandwidth of the site.

So, I have opened a account, for members should they wish to upload photos from your devices, unless you have your own picture host.

The account details are Mk2OC and password is VWgolfmk2 (case sensitive).

See attached for the tag you need to use.

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Re: Uploading pictures to the site

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...just adding to this since I have eventually sussed out how to "toggle" and add an image in a post rather than a link...
Looks like others had sussed this out before me 5m4rt 4r535 !

When you have uploaded the image select the "Embed Codes" icon, the square with the right arrow.
This opens a new window which defaults to "Viewer Links" and shows the link to the pic.
If you change this to "BBCode Full" and copy the text then this will show the image in your post.


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Re: Uploading pictures to the site

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