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Front Passenger Seat Bracket (Fire Extinguisher + Others)...

I know this has been done, as I was asked years ago by someone to send them these few images of the 'official' one and they reported back being able to make their own based on them.

If any of you are genuinely interested in having a go I might be able to supply some measurements.

The concept's straight forward... 2 x hooked arms that are pulled tight against the bar of the front seat by threaded bolts and anchored to the existing central runner end point. Looks a little complicated in the images but it's far from it.

If you're handy with metal and have some basic tools I'd imagine you could run up something similar...


Re: Front Passenger Seat Bracket (Fire Extinguisher + Others)...

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This is an older version of the one above, some subtle differences as to how it attaches but the main one is the hooked arms are one piece and all metal... may make creating your own more straight forward?

They're not just for fire extiguishers, your boot mounted first aid kit fits them perfectly as does that bizarre oddments box.