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Read door handles

I am looking for a rear divers side door handle for the mk2.
I have had a look on eBay and there are lots of cheap ones on there but I have heard they are not great quality.
Has anyone had experience of a cheap one and can give me some feedback?
Or any recommendations of where to get a more original one would be great.
Better still if someone has a spare one tucked in a garage or cupboard please let me know 😊
Thanks all
I should probably add it’s an exterior one I’m after.

Re: Read door handles

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Might be worth noting other VW of the era have the same handle. I’ve grabbed some off Polos before now. They seem to be a bit more common in scrap yards and without the Golf premium prices that are being asked at the moment.

When you get some clean them up and grease them well, they break when forced if they’re left to get stiff.


Re: Read door handles

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Awesome tip cheers mate I will keep an eye out for polos