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Loud clunk when accelerating and braking

Hi there, I have a GTI 16V and it has developed a new problem where I get a loud clunk from the front of the car when accelerating and braking.

It first happened when I was on a small road driving fast and did some heavy braking before a corner, as I pressed the pedal a very loud clunk came from the front, it seemed more from the right at first and I felt it through the brake pedal. I kept driving it around and it only did it when I was braking heavily. Unfortunately on my way home my alternator and waterpump belt snapped so I had to get a tow home. While I was fitting the belt I looked for sliding pads and gave everything  a wiggle and it all seemed fine. Next day it was worse and I could feel it clunk back into place when accelerating hard, and then back again when braking.

Put it up on a lift this morning, wheels were under torqued and not on tightly so tightened them all up and went out for a drive and it had stopped, however I went to do a 3 point turn and as I reached full left lock it made a clunk, and it is now again clunking with braking and accelerating. Checked the bolts again and they seem fine.

Would anyone happen to know the problem?

Many thanks

Re: Loud clunk when accelerating and braking

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Hi, sounds very much like your rear wishbone bush has gone.

If you get someone to watch the front wheel when you're in the car, then you put the handbrake on and go from first to reverse, just bringing the clutch up to the bite point, they should be able to see the wheel moving left to right in the wheel arch.
If that's the case, it's time to swap the bush out.
I recommend the R32/S3 bushes, they're the same size as mk2 ones, but are solid rubber, unlike the standard mk2 ones with voids in them. They give better feel on the road and are slightly more compliant than poly.
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Re: Loud clunk when accelerating and braking

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Never experienced a front suspension arm rear bush failure. If it checks out OK give a cold engine a good shake. If it clonks or moves check the engine mounts.

Re: Loud clunk when accelerating and braking

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Thanks for the advice. I won’t be with the car till Saturday now but I’ll check everything you’ve mentioned then :)