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Fuel pipes from tank to underbody pump


I'm looking to refresh the feed and return pipes from tank to underbody pump. The part numbers are coming up as obsolete 191201293A & 191201294D - can you just use regular fuel pipe to replace these or is there not enough space between tank and body? Even better does anyone know where to get new versions of these pipes or any one who could make them?

This is for my mk2 16v but assume most mk2s have the same sort of pipe work back there?


Re: Fuel pipes from tank to underbody pump

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The solid portion of the pipe lasts well. The flexible becomes hard and the crimps disintegrate.
I fit new flexibles to the old solid pipes.

Re: Fuel pipes from tank to underbody pump

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That would be good - do i need special tools to separate and connect flexible parts - assume the flexible part is standard fuel line? Are the crimps still available or is there better solution - I've hot loads of fuel line clips (the ones you pliers on). Tbh my crimps are so corroded I am not sure what it is meant to look like!!

Re: Fuel pipes from tank to underbody pump

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I used a small angle grinder, avoiding the solid pipe and applied interminably to avoid heat damage to grid away at one side of the crimp. It then pealed off.
The fuel pipe was VAG supplied so it was the correct size. I think the size is specified in 7Zap VW. I then used two types of clips.  Removable at the pumps and permanent onto the pipes. Clip pincers are useful for this job. I bought OE quality clips and the tools from eBay. The clips are made by Mikalor.

Re: Fuel pipes from tank to underbody pump

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EBay won't display my purchase history so I will have to look under the car tomorrow.  I didn't use the clip you identified, I don't think it pulls up even enough for fuel.  If you go to the Mikalor web site there are pressure graphs for the different clips.  The more even the better for fuel, none are perfect.

Fairly certain this is the pipe I used, item 4, 7mm * 11mm.  The permanent clips will most likely be the equivalent to item 3 although 14 * 8 appears a bit large.

I believe the Mikalor equivalent to (they may supply VW) N  10083401 could be this on eBay,

Check Mikalor web site for crimped and uncrimped sizes.  That is all I can do right now.