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I’ll look into this
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Just spent a while going through the forum stats and member list.

It'll let me prioritise basic stuff such as posts by number made / date registered etc. which helps but still had to randomly click on member profiles for more info.

One puzzling thing is that awful lot of joiners are showing as having never signed in again since initial registration, which I suppose can be looked at as a good thing if their purpose wasn't legit. Flip side is that trend's probably not so good for forum traffic stats.

I know absolutely nothing about how forums are created / programming... even what the correct terminology is!

Our forum has a link at the bottom to

As a complete novice all of the following info. means nothing to me but did see bullet points such as -  Integrated video embedding for youtube, vimeo and dailymotion / Drag and drop file attachments / Improved Anti Spam measures which sound vaguely relevant maybe?

Looks like there's also a dedicated forum for people using their set up.

Cut'n'paste from the link...

ElkArte Features:

ElkArte is designed to provide you with all the features you need for a full featured community forum and website right out of the box.

With an extensive default feature set, there is no need to install a lot of additions to get your site up and running. Just some of our highlights include:

    @Mentioning users including notifications
    Likes for posts and topics
    Drafts, including auto save
    OpenID 2.0
    Two modern, responsive themes that look good in any modern browser, smartphone or tablet.
    Integrated video embedding for youtube, vimeo and dailymotion
    Drag and drop ordering in the administration interface
    Drag and drop file attachments
    Improved Anti Spam measures
    Improved password hashing using industry standards
    Bad Behaviour built in
    Automatic combining and minifying of JavaScript and CSS
    Posting by Email
    Ajax previews and responses throughout the user interface
    Utilizes jQuery and Font Awesome
    ...and much more!

and all that cool stuff you may already know from the common social networking platforms. Try ElkArte yourself on our community forum.


Re: Dodgy Members...

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Happened to be on site as that particular plonker was registering.

Their profile showed they were in viewing the below thread for some reason -


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another one bittebr

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jameswilliams - Dec. 2021

Karl828 - 16 Apr.

Bittebr - Porn gone / profile remains.

Are we any further on with resolving this?