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Shock Absorbers

My 1.6 Driver has failed on this:

"Reason(s) for failure
Nearside rear shock absorber has a serious fluid leak (5.3.2 (b))"

Obviously I should change at least the rear two, or even all four, but I wanted to check what the experts think about gas shock absorbers.  Are they just for performance cars, like the GTI, or does it make sense as an upgrade/replacement for a modest little car like the Driver?  I would be looking to tackle this myself.

Bilstein seem to be the market leaders.  Any others to consider, or should I just forget the idea?

Re: Shock Absorbers

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I've been happy with bilstein shocks but any decent brand will do if you're planning to stay on factory springs - Sachs, Monroe, TRW

Re: Shock Absorbers

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I've just changed mine to Eibach springs and Bilstein shocks all round. They are firm but don't seem as bad as the Koni top adjustable I have in storage.
I'd say quality gas shocks are worth the investment.

Before I changed mine I had some NOS 16v front shocks and Boge rear Boge.
The latter always seemed a bit bouncy.
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