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Mark 2 conversion

Hi looking for some advice, i have recently bought a Mark 2 GTI which has been converted to the 20V engine with the AGU engine in it. We have finally managed to get the car running but it has been over fuelling massively causing the car to run like a pig when driving around the streets, was advised to change the ECU which is what we have done and it has improved things but still does not run correctly when driving in built up areas but on the motorway she flies. We have noticed that the car is still running on the old fuel pump from the Mark 2 GTI which i have been told could be the issue, I have also been told that i need to get a live re-map done which I have looked in to and they want about a £1000 pound to do. I don't mind spending some money on it as long as i know it is going to sort out the issue if anyone can advise on this problem would be very grateful. 
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