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Brake Compensator valve

Hi everyone. I have a 1986 Mk2 Gti and it recently failed its MOT due to a leaking brake compensator valve. I have struggled to find a replacement and wondered if anyone has any suggestions to help me to find one. Thanks…

Re: Brake Compensator valve

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after doing a search, i've found a main-brake-cylinder on ebay.

is your part attached to it and is it the right one ?

i do not know what they mean with abs,
if it is for the building they say it for the 83-92 models
but also a abs (antilock-braking) version
or is abs just a part of a name, here ?

edit: maybe rather this one or the cheaper one, if at all.

Re: Brake Compensator valve

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 Would this be what you are looking for 357 612 151 VAG Brake Power Regulator?

Re: Brake Compensator valve

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Here you go...
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