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2003 Fabia VRS £1450 Worcester.

For sale 2003 Skoda Fabia VRS with comprehensive service history on 180,356 miles this will go up as it is in daily use.

 Photos here --->

I have owned the car since 4th February 2017 on 153,612 miles. The moment it has needed something I have done it, it looks like the previous owners have too as the service history folder is the biggest one I've ever seen! I am an ex Rolls Royce and Bentley mechanic so I have carried out all of the work myself. I serviced it more regularly than it needed to be done to keep the engine in the best possible condition as I was driving 15k miles a year.




Octavia VRS 312mm front brake  setup including flexi hoses


Bohemia black interior


Rear mudflaps


Black arch spats (never seen another one with them on before)


Meyle heavy duty console bushes


Meyle heavy duty ARB droplinks


Remap 169hp and 391.2Nm (dyno printout)


Since owning it I have done the following:


Serviced 24/4/17 on 156,191 with genuine VW air filter, oil filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and quantum platinum oil


Genuine headlight back panels fitted 21/8/17


Genuine brake light switch fitted 21/8/17


Febi front strut top mounts and bilstein b4 dampers fitted 2/9/17 (mileage not recorded)


New wishbones, meyle heavy duty console bushes and meyle heavy duty ARB droplinks fitted 6/12/17 mileage not recorded


Serviced 27/12/17 using genuine oil filter and air filter with quantum platinum oil at 166,342 miles


2x Moog bottom ball joints and 2x Moog track rod ends fitted 1/2/18


Front wheel alignment set 2/2/18


Serviced 6/5/18 at 172,075 using genuine VW oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter and quantum platinum oil


12/6/18 Fully refurbished Octavia VRS front brake calipers and carriers with ceramic bake on paint from big redd fitted with brembo 312mm discs and pads and pagid Octavia VRS front flexi hoses (mileage not recorded). Brake fluid changed with Castrol react dot 4 performance fluid


23/6/18 pagid refurbished rear n/s brake caliper fitted and brakes bled again.


At this point I no longer needed to use the car so I tool it off the road and stored it until I needed it again.


MOT passed 29/11/19 with no advisories after sitting for nearly 18 months!


29/11/19 Genuine Cambelt, waterpump and serpentine belt fitted with Comma g40 red coolant on 175,103


29/11/19 serviced using genuine VW oil filter, air filter and quantum platinum oil on 175,103


11/12/2019 new Varta E38 battery fitted


20/02/20 Bilstein B4 rear dampers fitted on 178,592 miles


I also have a set of brembo discs and pads for the rear to go with the car and a boot full of spares from my wife's 1.4 mpi fabia that I broke for spares a couple of years ago.


Bad bits


Bodywork has some rust around sills which have been stone chipped black.


Rust on one rear arch by sill


Lacquer peel on both mirrors and one spot on the roof


Paintwork isn't the best but it is 17 years old!


Someone fitted an aftermarket alarm for some reason and then removed it leaving a small hole in the dash below the headlight switch.


Drivers foot carpet getting pretty worn out


Thermostat packed up a few weeks ago so it doesn't fully get up to temperature.


Sometimes goes in to limp mode under prolonged hard acceleration, turn it off and on then it drives fine. I have checked the VNT mechanism and this is free moving so I suspect a boost leak from the intercooler pipes but I haven't investigated it.


This car has been utterly reliable the whole time I have owned it and has been nothing but a pleasure, I will be sad to see it go but I don't need it anymore and I don't have room for it. As said the car is 17 years old so please don't expect a pristine car, however this car would be a perfect daily driver or basis for a sleeper project.

If it doesnt sell soon then I will end up breaking it for parts.

Car is in Worcester