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Wiper Blades

Thanks to Eddypeck for his time and effort

From factory all VW Golf 2 models were fitted with two front wipers and a single rear wiper, originally parked in the upright position. Single wiper conversions for the front were made popular in the 90's and many still sport this look now. For the purpose of this topic I'm only discussing original fitment and I'm only concerned with the wiper blades themselves.


On earlier cars from factory different size wiper blades were fitted to the front of the car dependent on spec. the choices were 400, 450 and 475mm regardless to the fact that all the windscreens and wiper arms were the same size. Later cars all seem to be listed as having 450mm blades.

Although the wiper blades differed on early and late, as all early cars had lhd wipers (with a smaller spline) regardless of the side of the steering wheel there is no difference (that I have found to date) in wiper blade size or fitment weather rhd/lhd or early/late.

Being European sizes are listed in mm, although here in Britain we're more used to buying wiper blades in inches. So for the benefit of completeness here's a chart:

400mm = 15.748"
450mm = 17.7165"
475mm = 18.7008"

1.05/1.3/1.6ltr were listed as 400mm
all 1.8 and 1.6ltr GTD are listed as 450mm
But there's also a 475mm listed

Some were listed as having a wear indicator, there are also mentions of the air deflector on later cars, earlier ones had the 'spoiler' fitted to the wiper arm itself.

There are multiple part numbers listed, and across the years some conflicting information so I gather the same part number was superseded, if your car oringally came with 161955427 in 1986 it would have been a 400mm blade but if you went back to VW in 1990 with that part number they'd give you a 450mm blade with a little spoiler.

The list below may not be complete, but it's a sample of what I have found. note the VALEO brand name listed.

161955425 wiper blade; lhd; 1.05/1.3ltr.; 1.6ltr.; 400MM 2
161955427 wiper blade with wear; indicator; lhd; 1.05/1.3ltr.; 1.6ltr.; 400MM VALEO 2
161998003 1 set: wiper blades with; wear indicator; lhd; 1.05/1.3ltr.; 1.6ltr.; VALEO 1
161998001A 1 set: wiper blades; lhd; 1.05/1.3ltr.; 1.6ltr.; 400MM 1
431955425C wiper blade; lhd; 1.8ltr.; 1.6ltr.; 450MM; GTD 2
191955427B wiper blade with wear; indicator; lhd; 1.8ltr.; 1.6ltr.; 450MM VALEO; GTD 2
431998003 1 set: wiper blades with; wear indicator; lhd; 1.8ltr.; 1.6ltr.; VALEO; GTD 1
431998001A 1 set: wiper blades; lhd; 1.8ltr.; 1.6ltr.; 450MM; GTD 1
161955427 wiper blade with wear; indicator; left rhd; 1.05/1.3ltr.; 1.6ltr.; 400MM VALEO 1
191955427B wiper blade with wear; indicator; left rhd; 1.8ltr.; 1.6ltr.; 450MM VALEO; GTD 1
1H0955427 wiper blade with wear; indicator; 475MM VALEO 1
533955425B wiper blade; right rhd
431955425C wiper blade; (passenger side); 450MM 1
191955427 wiper blade with air deflector; and wear indicator; (drivers side); 450MM VALEO 1
191955427A wiper blade with air deflector; and wear indicator; (drivers side); 450MM VALEO

Although part numbers are pretty much obsolete with wiper blades (excluding modern aero blades) being universal fit and just bough by length.

18" is the optimal fit for both sides. 19" will fit but will be very close to the windscreen rubber in park position and may lift a little at the edge due to the curvature of the screen. However if you have a, dare I say, type 19 it may be worth considering a 19" blade on the drivers side to give that tiny bit extra clearance in the top right hand corner of the screen.


A single wiper is fitted to the rear. And fitment here is much simpler, 400mm (16") fit all.

With 2 OE part numbers listed.
161955425 wiper blade; 400MM 1
161955427 wiper blade with wear; indicator; 400MM VALEO 1


Bosch is the brand you'd tend to naturally associate with German cars and OE quality, however as noted above Valeo (a cheaper brand carried by Euro Car Parts, among others) is listed against the part numbers suggesting this was at one point at least the factory supplier. This is obviously just speculation as the apparent randomness of the VW parts bin is a well discussed topic. Take for example the fitment of VDO vs Motometer instrument clusters.

At time of writing I've read of 'fake' Bosch being sold cheap on eBay and general disappointment with the longevity of Bosch wipers.

Hella and Valeo are cheaper options and have both been reviewed favorable.


Over the years there's been inventions such as double bladed wipers, wipers with extra ridges, spoilers and air lips etc shaped into the frame and the current standard seems to be the flat Aero type blades, which are available in universal 'retro' fit giving you loads of options. Whether the latest style blades suit a car of this age is totally down to the personal preference of the owner.

Who'd have thought there was so much to say about wiper blades?