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Suspension & Brakes

Any advice on my restoration of a 91 GTI 16V, the car has been stood for 12 years, doing a complete rebuild so have a clean sheet? Phil

Re: Suspension & Brakes

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The bilstein/eibach kit on ebay transformed my valver from a crashy solid ride on cheap coils, to a progressive comfortable to drive car.

New top mounts, spring caps etc had to be bought separately...

Complete wishbone kit can also be bought cheap with ball joints and drop links included

Just bought g60 grooved discs from mtec, greenstuff pads and my g60 calipers are at biggred getting refurbed. 

Got mk4 calipers and pads at the rear, using mk2 discs and goodridge conversion hoses at rear and standard goodridge braided lines at the front

The above would be my recommendation for brakes and suspension.

TT 312mm brakes can be fitted, but need a 6mm spacer for the caliper, minimum 16" wheels and either tt discs redrilled to 4x100 or i think ones from some high end minis or clios would do the job


Re: Suspension & Brakes

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sorry just saw your repaly, thanks for the info, Phil