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Why become a Paid Member of the Mk2OC? Read here.....

Why should i join?

You will be a member of the largest club primarily for the VW Golf Mk2. Becoming a club member will give you access to parts and services discounts, selling a Mk2 Golf/Jetta's for free. On being a Paid member for the 2nd consecutive year you will get 10% discount off the Shop (excluding camping & Track use at the National meet as discount varies).

What you will get
All members will get packs. this will comprise of:

- Intro letter
- Membership card with member name, member number
- Register team contacts for club business
- Discounts/offers with various companies which are included in the packs

I want to join, what do I do?
On the main header of the site click on My Account, Account Settings, which then opens up your profile, click on Actions.  Then under Club Membership to the right there is an order button click and follow instructions.  See attachments.

SUBSCRIPTION BY POST: Please send a covering letter with your username and address together with payment of £7 (cheque or postal order) made payable to VW Golf Mk2 OC for senders address please PM vw-widow.

Packs are normally turned around within 14 days except in very busy circumstances. Please allow 28 days for receipt of a pack, the club is staffed by volunteers and we may be busy with the day job, on holiday or under one of our cars...

Current discounts available through the VW Golf Mk2 OC

- German, Swedish and French (GSF) car parts: 10% off
- Adrian Flux Insurance: up to 15% discount
- CES UK 10% discount
- hybird- performance 15% discount & 5% non paid members
- 10% off up to £100 and 20% off for anything over £101.00. contact them direct and mention your membership and Discount Code this will be applied to the end price.
- VW Hertiage 5% discount
- VW Driver magazine - discount and 15 for the price of 12
- - 10% discount
- Retro-Resto - 7.5% discount
- Shadow Sport offer 20% discount
-Other Insurance companies offering discount when you mention the Club name

And more

(please see threads in the Paid Members section of the forum to give you the discount codes)

Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome and we will try to provide the best support that we can, but remember, we are volunteers -its your club too and we can't do it without you!

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National Meet - 2023 date waiting for confirmation:) you’ll be the first to know ;)