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National Meet UPDATE

Just an update on the National Club meet 17-19 July 2020.

Ok, not really sure what to say, it’s everywhere we look Covid19 and events being cancelled.

We are keeping up to date with government information and have been in touch with Curborough ; who’s line is at the moment that events are cancelled, however at the moment speaking with Curborough Club Secretary, neither of us can guarantee that the meet can go ahead, but we are in close contact with the secretary and he will advise as soon as he can and Club admins will come to a decision at the end of May, however this maybe taken out of our control at some point. This is heart breaking to have to think about the possibility of cancelling, but members safety is our up most priority.

If the meet is cancelled, refunds will be given or you can keep your ticket for the following year, once a decision has been reached.

We hope that you stay safe in this uncertain time.

Chris & Shelly

We hope your all keeping safe.

Just a quick update, Curborough have announced today, that events up until the end of Jun 20 are definitely cancelled. So we are just holding our breath at the moment to hear beyond this.

We will of course keep you posted.
National Meet - 19-21 July 2024 @ Curborough Sprint Circuit