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1991 1.6 automatic cold start problem

Not sure how easy this looks to get at - when it's stone cold it chugs badly for the first minute or so then is fine. I have to hold the revs up or left foot brake until it smooths out.
I can live with it but thanks for any help.
1991 Driver 1.6 automatic


Re: 1991 1.6 automatic cold start problem

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Sounds like it could be simply that the carb needs setting up, If the car runs fine once its a bit warm. Theres a myriad of different bits to adjust. Often age non educated owners and the MOT centre adjusting mix etc can throw them out.  
Rubjonny the God of all things VW made a guide. It should be on the forum. Its easy to follow and will get most peirburg carbs to behave. Worst case you’ll need a Waxstat or pull down unit.  Ive fixed several that were supposedly borked but just needed correct setting up.  
If its not got a VAG badge, I aint interested.