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Topic: Hi Everyone, Im trying to locate my old Mk2 golf (Read 56 times) previous topic - next topic

Hi Everyone, Im trying to locate my old Mk2 golf

Hi everyone

I have owned a number of Mk2 golfs over the years and one of them in particular was my favorite. IN fact I have already owned it twice as I did sell it to a friend and then bought it back. But then I needed to sell it to buy our second house :(

I am now trying to track it down to see what state its in and see whether the current owner would consider selling it. Looks like the current owner has had the car a while and its been sorn since 2014 so I think it must be tucked away in a garage somewhere.

I live in Hampshire and I think from checking the data that the car is in the surrey area so since selling it, it has not traveled too far. So if anyone in the surrey area knows of the car or who the owner could let them know I am on the hunt for it. ?

A picture of it was posted on this forum a while ago which I save but the link is now dead:

One of the unique parts of the car if hasn't changed is that I fitted blue illumination of the dials (Not so rare) but I was an electronic repair technician at the time and I did this mod using the internals of a  Panasonic car stereo (Neon light up ones back in the day) I fitted part of a fascia and the neon tube into the place where the bulbs usually go. 

So if anyone has nay idea on the cars owner could you pass on the message I'm looking for it. I can DM my contact details to pass on if anyone can help.

Here are some pics when I owned it

some of the more recent ones I found on the net.

Re: Hi Everyone, Im trying to locate my old Mk2 golf

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Use the WayBackMachine to search for connections to that old link... It appears not to have been stored, but you can access what others have been using some of the links you find, a few are still active and will take you to other stored pages.

Here's a random one from 2012, other years still there too, it'll maybe give you a starting point -


Re: Hi Everyone, Im trying to locate my old Mk2 golf

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Its not listed on the Mk2 Register but could be on a private plate etc