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Troublesome Gti exhaust system in my 1.6 EZ

Hi people,

I am not really new here but lost access to my account a little while ago ;

I own a standard Mk2 1,6 (EZ/ 75bhp) from 1985. Brilliant car except for the troublesome Pierburg 2e2 carb and the exhaust that was rusty so I made a little upgrade to the double exhaust system for the 1,8 Gti from Polmo last spring (as of catalytic converter). Unfortunately, the car has become so noisy since that motorway driving with speeds over 90km/h is a serious issue. I had the car checked by three machanics who looked for possible leaks but they didn’t detect any major ones and minor leaks were resolved. Nothing has changed so I was hoping that any of you could perhaps point me into the right direction as to the origins of the problem? Going back to the single exhaust is not really an option as I enlarged the chassis at the back to make room for the double end. The exhaust is not touching the chassis anywhere and was installed by a motor-racing expert so I am clueless.

Also, the car is low on power on small climbs on the motorway and I struggle to get past 100 but the car has had this issue before the mod.

I’d be curious if anybody else has made such a modification and came across such a problem ?