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Handbrake cables (with part numbers)

Thanks toeddypeck.

There are various options of handbrake cables for Mk2 Golf and Jetta models and I know this often adds confusion. Especially when people are doing rear disc conversion to drum brake cars, of if this has been done by a previous owner maybe without the current owner knowledge. Causing issue on ETKA when entering VIN.

Also worth noting the 84-88 calipers were superseded so replacing the calipers on an early car will usually mean the fitting later type ones.

Early handbrake cables are longer 1. because the handbrake mech is further forward in the floor pan, and 2. because the handbrake mech on the caliper is on the opposite side. When fitting later calipers on an early car you will need to use early spec handbrake cables. You may need to put some extra ties on the beam to hold the cable in the correct position and keep any slack under control.

The options are (provided by Anna @ Heritage)

191-609-721 - 1984-1988 use with drum brakes - 1787mm
191-609-721/A - 1984-1988 use with rear discs - 1800mm
191-609-721/E - 1988-1992 use with rear drums - 1545mm
191-609-721/F - 1989-1992 use with rear discs - 1625mm
191-609-721/H - Golf Rallye - 1600mm
191-609-721/K - Golf Rallye - 1600mm

ABS and non ABS makes zero difference according to ETKA.
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