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Hi all. Any MFA experts out there?  :))

I have a 1986 Gti 8v with MFA that is not working. I took the clocks out and have had them professionally tested, confirming that the clocks are fully functional including the MFA. So I’m wondering what else might be the culprit?

Everything else, including the rev counter, is working correctly. The clock is working.

Any pointers greatly appreciated!



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Is the MFA connection plugged in? It connects under the steering column with a white plastic four pin connection. Looks a bit like an old computer power connection from the 90’s if that helps?!

I’ve known the MFA button to fail too, but I’d check the connection first. It’s common to disconnect this when the stalks come off and it’s independent to all the other steering switchgear so easy connection to forget.


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Thanks Michael. I’ll be trying that first then!

Should the MFA work without the engine running?


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Ignition on yes I believe it will. Ignition and engine off I don’t think it does, it’ll just display the time.


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Thanks very much! Appreciate that! It’s going to feel mega satisfying when (if) mine is working like that.

The connector beneath the steering wheel is plugged in and looks to be in good order. Tomorrow I’ll try swapping in a spare wiper stalk that I have, see if that helps.


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The culprit was the wiper stalk / button. As soon as I swapped that, the MFA came to life straight away. 

Michael Mc thanks again for your input and the video, much appreciated!



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Great news, well done!