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MFA is the acronym for the German words "Mehrfach Funktion Anzeige" which translates pretty much to "Multi-Function Display".

It's the small on-board computer that gives you some basic information via LCD screen at the bottom of the clock.

Switching between the displays is done via the MFA button on the end of the right hand stalk.
There is a switch that changes between position 1 (this trip) and position 2 (since last reset).

The displays are:
- Clock (default)
- Minutes running  1. this trip / 2. all time (since last reset)
- Distance 1. this trip / 2. all time (since last reset)
- MPG 1. this trip / 2. all time (since last reset)
- Oil temperature
- Outside ambient temperature

Not all models had this. For those that didn't there was either a blank and an large analogue clock, or if a rev counter was fitted a basic clock in this position.

Over the lifetime of the MK2 golf there are 3 types of stalk. So getting the right year is important if you need to replace them.
The stalks changed from the Mk1 style in late 1987 when the first face lift occurred (large windows).
With the introduction of the squarer style stalks there are also some additional 'secret' functions of the MFA which can return additional information stored in the ECU (early cars didn't have an ECU).
In late 1989 the CE2 (2nd generation Central Electrics) fuse-box and wire-loom was introduced. Although visual the same the later stalks are specific to this wiring.

The two CE1 examples can be interchanged, but also requires the steering column cowl to be changed, and the wrong stalks in the wrong era car looks out of place.

Other cars of the era; Polo, Scirocco for example also share the same parts which can sometimes make finding replacements a little easier.
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