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Been doing some rust conversion recently so taken some pictures from start to finish.  I hope you don't mind @Eddypeck ?  I have a little more detail to guide first timers.

Get yourself a clean tank, yes that is clean

Clamp into the tank a good size sacrificial anode.  Brake discs are good but if they slip under or fall over a fire can result (I've had one).

Fill the tank with water and put in two scoops of washing soda.  The tank is 400cm * 350cm * 230cm.

Use cheap soda not quality, it works better

Tank ready to go

Select your components and de-grease them.  I use petrol and a brush to de-grease.

Wire the components

Clamp them in the bath

Switch on the power, current is minimal.  A trickle charger or battery would do the job.

Check for movement at each end of the tank.  The rust is being converted.

24 hours later looks like conversion is complete.  You learn from experience and from how the tank looks

The components are messy

But clean up well in warm water and wire / soap wash pad.  The black specs I believe are iron and wire wheel off.  Rust conversion doesn't replace metal lost to rust so the surfaces will be pitted.

This is a messy process, the tank needs cleaning frequently

The anode too has to be cleaned otherwise components sacrifice their lower portions to rust convert their upper portions;