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ATS Cups ET28 4x100 15x7 195/50R15

Removed from my Mk2 Golf when I sold it and then fitted to my Volvo 360, these have 195/50 R15 Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 tyres which are a performance summer tyre with an A rating for wet grip. They are an absolutely brilliant tyre and made the 360 stick to the road like the proverbial to a blanket.

They have some minor kerbing from the previous owner who had very stretched tyres on them.

They have satin black dish with bronze centres, it appears to be powdwrcoated black then the centres spray painted by a previous owner but they have done a very good job of it.

Everywhere I took the 360 people loved the wheels and I would always get comments on the car and how the wheels were perfect for it.

Selling as I'm selling my 360 after returning it to standard.

The tyres were brand new in 2016 while the 360 still wasn't on the road and they were stored in the dark to prevent UV damage. They have done less than 1k miles and cost me £260 for all four tyres!

Occasionally I would fit them to move the car around.

I want £380 for them.

I can WhatsApp people photos of them now I've given them a clean up, there are centre caps included but the locating lugs are broken on some or all of them (can't remember) but I was using the Volvo caps.

These are what they look like on the car

Collection from Worcester.


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Price drop to £330