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Archive files / Retro Rides Gathering - Sunday August 22nd
Retro Rides Gathering - Shelsley Walsh. Sunday August 22nd 2021 -
Postcode: WR6 6RP

Club Stand Booked For 15 Cars.

We’ve always had a great turnout to this show. Brilliant day out if you’ve never been you are most definitely missing out.

We usually meet up on the Sunday morning at the Crown and Sandys Inn at Ombersley.

The Crown and Sandys Arms, Main Road, Ombersley, Worcester, WR9 0EW

If you want to join us either leave a post on here or check out the thread on the MK2 OC Facebook Page (Search For Retro Rides Gathering)

I will update the list in order of receiving request to be added.

Club Stand List - Updated 28th June

1: Barry Owen
2: Julia Liz
3: Chris Teague
4:David Ramage
5:Sam Brooke
6:Ray Partner
7:Shaun Rogers
8: Al (Atlas Grey)
9: Steve Wade
10: jshep73
11: Eddie Low
12: Tom Wardle
13: Mo Muia
Archive files / VWNW Tatton Park

Fingers crossed that we are finally let out of lockdown.

Clubstand has been booked however we are very limited to size due to the Covid restrictions that have been put on the organisers.

The last 8 years or so we have always had an excellent Club Stand here hence the priority invitation we have received to have a Club Stand.

As said numbers limited to an absolute maximum of 10 cars and we will probably have to do without the event shelter this year.
See below from organisers

This time we will not be taking payment at the gates, all your members will need to book an advance ticket online, info will be sent to you about that soon.

Also, please can I remind you to take care that the vehicles you plan to display, plus banners, seating or whatever else you have in mind, *must* fit on a 15m wide X 10m deep plot. This is *really* important as it forms part of our COVID-safe risk assessment.


1: Baz
2: Al (Atlas Grey)
3: Chris Lees
4: Dave Ramage
5: Warren Bradley
6:  Ben Geany
7: Martin Vincent
8: Chris Teague
9: Matthew Waddington
10: Paul Shannon


1: Sam Graham.