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Breaking Mk3 GTi 2.0 8v

We bought this a donor for our Mk2 1.3 so we are using the engine and gearbox, fuel tank, associated looms and gear linkages.
Everything else is available. I'm happy to post normal size stuff but large items will need to be collected from near Jnc 6 M25.
I can post pictures here or send by Whatsapp (preferable).
Let me know what you need 07907 785653.
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Re: Breaking Mk3 GTi 2.0 8v

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Has the MK3 got aircon?
I'm trying to track down the vac solenoid that operates the recirculation flap. I'ts plumbed in the engine bay vac pipework somewhere near the cam cover.
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Re: Breaking Mk3 GTi 2.0 8v

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These are the parts we have left. Open to sensible offers. I can send pictures as required. Most things are postage unless they are over 1m long.

Wing mirrors. NEARSIDE SOLD
All side glass.
Radiator and fan.
Front suspension struts.
Front wiper arms.
Sunroof motor.
Front wiper motor and mechanism.
Heater fan.
All interior electrical switches.
Door interior light switches.
Fusebox and a whole lot of cut off loom plugs from the rear of the fusebox.
Electric window looms and motors.
All the wheels with tyres and the spacesaver.
Front grille.
Steering column stalks
Petrol flap
Rear wiper motor, mechanism and arm.
Front lights loom
All sorts of stuff done, lots more to do!


Re: Breaking Mk3 GTi 2.0 8v

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the antilock breaking is already gone (discussion about) ?

being curious: the heater fan is the same as the mk2 one ?