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Newb needing advice

I have a Mk2 Jetta 1.6 GX with a carb.
It’s currently a 3 speed auto, looking for advice on converting to manual. Any specialists located in Merseyside area? Rough cost etc.

Re: Newb needing advice

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All of the parts to do a conversation are readily available from a donor car. But prices have shot up recently as the 80/90s are cool right now. A few years back it would have been wise to buy a whole donor car to get you everything you need. Now even a crappy project car will cost a grand.

Getting a whole car will mean you don’t end up missing any silly little bits you might need.

Are you particularly attached to this car, just wondering why you don’t sell it and buy a manual?

Re: Newb needing advice

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Is there a chance of getting a 1.6 MK3 to use the bits from. Although they seem to be as r4re as MK2s in Sheffield?
Getting someone to do the work for you my prove costly. Never done such a job myself but if it isn't your daily and you have the space/time it will expand your skills in car maintenance!
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