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New member saying hi !

Hi all
I’m new to the group.
We have a 5dr 1990 1.6 driver in black.
Currently getting ready to transplant 1.8 20vt from a 52 plate beetle.
Hope your ready for the classic stupid questions 😂

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Hi Scott

Welcome along, if you want a little 1.8t advice, you can have a thumb through this...
Was a fair few years back, so the prices are a little off now, but the details are all the same.

I've not done and engine swap (yet)

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Re: New member saying hi !

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Thanks I’ll have a read.  🤔

Re: New member saying hi !

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Hi welcome and good luck

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Just shout, done the same myself, as have others here. Basically you can do it with VW parts from other models except a few parts like hoses, and an intercooler.
You can use the one from the Rallye, but you will you will need a mortgage to buy one.
Master cylinder from a Ford as it fits with minor modification and is cheaper than the VW one which is the same as soon as you mod it, bar the Ford logo you cant see once fitted.
Its really a case of  finding the parts,  some are getting pricey again but can still be got in plentiful amounts.

A G60 peddle box  is going to be one of the harder to get parts, but if you get one it saves a lot of arsing around as it bolts straight in. Just drill a hole for the clutch cylinder and reinforce it and wire up. Use the Beetle gear box as if its a five speed  Mk3 gear box mounts will fit  straight in and use a VR6 flywheel and clutch, as the MK 4 set up is power sapping junk.  The Beetle ECU and engine looms can be spliced in and the ecu can have the imo turned off and stuff like abs and airbags turned off.
Brakes wise the 239mm set up will not stand up so source 256 or bigger. You can use the Beetle stuff but your standard hubs are the fixed type so you need MK3 ones or Polo 6n2 1.4 16v or GTI ones.   You can then use 4 bolt or 5 bolt hubs as theres fitment options for both.
Grab a MK3 gold fuel tank (petrol) and you can then use the MK4/Beetle fuel pump and lines as the pump with minimal effort fits into the MK3 tank that bolts straight up to the Mk2 with a couple of spacers and longer bolts on the tank straps.

Cable change gearbox links fit right in and you only need to remove a lug on the tunnel.
You can use the 4+e box you have but youll kill it inside a month or so and diff pin explosions are messy.

Sorry it all a bit of a ramble but its just how it all came back to me…..
If its not got a VAG badge, I aint interested.

Re: New member saying hi !

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Does that mean your 4+e gearbox is up for grabs?
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Re: New member saying hi !

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Engine and gear box are available.

Im open to trade 😉

I’m gonna use beetle gearbox as it’s an 02j. I’m torn between 4 and 5 stud conversion.

Need to get immo deleted and airbag light etc plus a remap.

Going to use beetle pedal box as I have the full car as a doner

Not sure on which clocks to use

Is it ABF mounts I’m going to need ?