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Coolant pipe

I’ve just bought a new coolant pipe for my mk2 8v gti but it doesn’t seem to match the old one in my car (unless that was modified)

The new one has an outlet near the top that faces towards the engine which matches the picture in my Hayes manual. This outlet isn’t on the one in my vehicle. 

Where is this supposed to go to or can I just block it up?

Re: Coolant pipe

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Yes the metal one that runs around the car

There are 2 versions and I bought the injection model version through VW heritage.   It’s the same image in the Hayes manual and also from the VW dealer.  Looking at the Hayes manual the carburettor version has the same outlet - so both versions have it

The one on my car had been modified - as in it looked like that section had been cut out as there was a rubber pipe connecting the (now) 2 parts.

If someone can point to me what the alternative version would look like as I’ve not see it

Re: Coolant pipe

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Carb models also have a water inlet/outlet on the inlet manifold


Re: Coolant pipe

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Does what you bought look like this?  This is an 89 8v GTi pipe.

Check and confirm part numbers here,

How is your oil cooler connected?  Your GTi may be fitted with pipe 027 121 065 C ?  Google the part number to see one. 

Don't just block the hole, it does a job on a GTI..