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G686 VBA Driver


I sold this car back in 2009 and really regret it! I have found a picture online of it after I sold it but it seems it never went through another MOT so I'm not holding out much hope. If anyone knows what happened to it after I sold it or even better where it now that would be amazing

If I can't find my actual car I'll be on the look out for a similar spec car

Thanks in advance

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Interesting, the sites I tend to use (Total Car Check and Cazana) don't show any results for the plate, but DVLA show it as MOT expired in 2009, so shortly after you sold it I guess. These sites would normally show the history same as DVLA which led me to wonder if there's always a chance someone put a private plate on it.

Is this the pic you found of it?

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Thanks for the info, do you know if there's a way to find out if it is on a private plate?

Yes that is the picture I found. It didn't have the square headlights or German style plate when I sold it but the tax disc holder is the same so I'm fairly convinced that is the same car but you never know

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I suppose you could try and contact DVLA but I'm not sure how helpful they'll be. People seem to report varying degrees of intelleganece.

The paid for version of Cazana tell you of 'events' in a cars history such as a change of plate but since Cazana don't show anything at all for it I suspect this only works the one way.

If you knew the current reg, it would find the vehicle and tell you the date the car was put onto that registration, it might not be able to tell you what the original reg was, and if the old reg wasn't kept on retention it just expires into the either I guess, which is the only logical explanation I can think of that it dosen't even appear.

I have a few old registrations in my head that if you look up they don't exisit. My answer for that is the cars were most likely scrapped before 2005 when the DVLA went digital.

But as you say you sold it in 2009 it would be recorded, which is proven by the un-updated record on DVLA. 


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It's a bit of a convoluted way of getting some more firm info, but get in touch with the DVLA Personalised Registrations lot.

I was after a number that's still showing to be on a car that was last taxed in 1995 and currently SORN'd.

Because of that they said it wouldn't be available for sale as they'd no way of knowing if the owner still had it.

Yours on the other hand is coming up as no details.

Ask them if they could include it in a future auction as you're interested in it (it'll not be available for straight sale),

If they say they can arrange that you'll be able to infer it's a number in limbo and there's no restriction on them reissuing it because the original vehicle no longer exists. If they say not, then it's likely it's being held back to allow it's re-issue to your car incase for example the personal plate currently on it is taken back off and you'll at least know it's still out there.